July 20th, at an award ceremony held at Memorial Hall in Manitou Springs, Safe Place for Pets received $1500 for the “1st Quarterly Emerald Fields/Pikes Peak Bulletin ‘Choose Your Charity’ Award” and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  Emerald Fields, in concert with The Pikes Peak Bulletin, recently asked Pikes Peak Bulletin readers to vote on a charity to receive $750 (which was doubled to $1500!!) from Emerald Fields.  Safe Place for Pets is honored to have been among the four finalists, which also included the Manitou Springs Education Foundation, Partners for Healthy Choices, and Westside Sanctuary (Food Pantry and Recovery Ministry).  Nicole Nicoletta, mayor of Manitou Springs, spoke at the event and is so proud of the generosity of local businesses such as Emerald Fields and of the work of all of the local non-profit organizations.  Safe Place for Pets sends a huge thank you to everyone at Emerald Fields, The Pikes Peak Bulletin and everyone who voted for us!  Generous businesses and community donations like these have helped Safe Place for Pets provide much needed support to terminally ill people and their pets for 21 years and we are so appreciative of the continued support!