Hello, wonderful Safe Place for Pets Supporters! Eric and Eddie here with an important message.

As the patriarchs of our group living at the Welcome Center, we are requesting your help with replenishing our supplies of cat litter, cat kibble, and cat treats. Our “room service and housekeeping” staff (i.e., cattery volunteers) prefers these specific varieties, since we like them best: (1) Litter—clumping, low-dust, low-to-moderate scent; (2) Cat kibble—Purina Naturals (any flavor), Purina Cat Chow Complete, Purina One Salmon & Tuna; (3) Cat Treats—Temptations (any flavor), Iams (any flavor, soft or crunchy). We have an Amazon Wishlist you can use for your donation or you are welcome to call Safe Place for Pets (719-359-0201) to make arrangements to drop off your donation. Many thanks for all you do to support us (and all the other pets in the Safe Place for Pets program)!

P.S. We really do take our jobs seriously—the cattery volunteers just happened to catch us during a little down time.