Meet Ashley

Update Announcement – 6/8/2016

My husband and I don’t know how we lived our lives without them!

From Winnie (originally called Mama Kitty) and Salem’s (originally named Ashley) mom: “Winnie and Salem are the perfect fit for our family and they never fail to make us smile! My husband and I don’t know how we lived our lives without them! Winnie loves to cuddle and Salem likes to open doors and play with their toys.”

We at Safe Place are thrilled to hear how well these 2 have settled in together and with their new parents. Winnie was a lovely gal who was more likely to hide than to cuddle. Salem was an indoor/outdoor guy who has settled into his new life, with his customary antics. We are so pleased to hear (and see) just how well these 2 are doing.

Adoption Announcement – 11/15/2015

Ashley, now Salem, has been adopted!

Ashley, who has been renamed Salem, is a 3 yr old black DSH male who looks like a small panther. He came in program shortly after Jake and Cici and from the same home. He was in foster for about a week, when one of our prior adopters (adopters of Mama Kitty whose new name is Winnie) saw his picture on FB.

We were contacted, and chatted with Marielle about Ashley and Winnie. Marielle and husband Tyler came to the foster home, and fell in love with this great guy. We started pre-adoption a few days later. Winnie is a girl who prefers that people dance to her tune, and not the other way around. She and Salem spent some time getting to know each other and determining when they were comfortable being in the same room together. At this point, they are good in the same room, and play a bit together as well. So Winnie has accepted her roomate/brother Salem.

Salem likes to hang out upstairs or where Mom and Dad are. He likes to greet Mom and Dad when they come home. He likes to play with a toy on a string. He will sit in the window and look out, but is happy to be indoors. He doesn’t seem to miss his outdoors days. He has his spot on the couch when that he uses when he wants attention, and a different spot he also likes to use when he just wants to hang out. He also likes to hide under blankets. He and his sister cat Winnie play together too. And they occasionally sleep on the bed together. Winnie, Salem, Mom and Dad think there may be a dog in their future, as well. Winnie was camera shy today.

Adoption Bio – 10/14/2015

Ashley is a 3 year old black DSH male who is not declawed and weighs in at 12 pounds. He’s a stealthy guy who looks like a mini panther. He was a survivor of the Waldo Canyon fire, and understandably afraid of any kind of flame (candle, stove, or fireplace). He was named Ashley due to the black ash that fell from the sky during the Waldo Canyon fire. He has been raised with 2 large dogs (Jake and Cici who are also in our program). They would all curl up to go to sleep together. Ashley’s coat is very soft and silky and he likes the attention of being petted or held. He likes to be held like a baby. He likes belly rubs, and will offer love bites when he’s had enough. Ashley will also talk to you if he is hungry and/or if he’s just feeling like having a conversation. So if you are looking for a wonderful gentleman to add to your life, please contact us. Ashley is a special boy who is waiting to hear from you.

Adoption Date: 11/15/2015 

Intake Date: 10/15/2015 

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