Meet Aspen:

Adoption Date: 2/5/2019

Intake Date: 1/3/2019

Adoption Announcement – 2/5/2019

Hello again! My name is Shazie, although you may remember me by my former name, Aspen. My new mom couldn’t imagine calling a cat after a tree and didn’t think it suited my personality in any case, so they renamed me Shazie, short for Scheherazade, the Arabian princess in the story “One Thousand and One Nights.” That fits me perfectly of course, because I am indeed a princess. As a matter of fact, Dad also calls me Princess, as well as Pretty Girl, Perfect Girl, Perfect Kitty, Snowpaws, and Pretty Paws. I’m such a beautiful, lovable girl that he never tires of coming up with new pet names for me.

I came to Safe Place for Pets in January, a few months after my two sisters Lexi and Cali. As soon as Mom and Dad saw me on some of the online sites and looked at me on the Safe Place for Pets Facebook site, they knew that they wanted me to join their family. They loved me even before they met me! And as soon as I met them I fell in love as well! How could I not? They both love me so much and treat me like the royalty that I am. On the day that I first came home, Dad told me that the apartment and everything in it, including he and Mom, belonged to me and that I could do whatever I wanted. Boy did I take that to heart!

Our apartment is wonderful, especially the big windows looking out to the naturally landscaped paths outside. Mom and Dad like to feed and watch birds, so there’s a feeder right outside the window where I can sit and watch them to my heart’s content. I quickly claimed the table right in front of it. And then, a few days after I arrived, my castle was delivered! Now, instead of a little table, I have bedrooms, a hammock, and a lookout tower. A castle for a princess. And because I’m still a young princess, I love to play! Mom and Dad also bought me a tunnel with three arms and I have a lot of fun running through it and chasing the feathers that Dad dangles or poking my head up in the hole in the Center to look out. Sometimes I get so excited that I race back and forth through the apartment, which makes Mom and Dad laugh, especially when I go skidding on the hardwood floors!

You can tell from both my story and my pictures how happy I am here. Mom and Dad don’t work, so they’re almost always home to love and cuddle me. We take catnaps together in the afternoons sometimes and I like to snuggle up close and tickle their faces with my tail. I love my new parents and they love me. What more could an Arabian princess want from her loyal subjects?

Like most Safe Place for Pets alumni, I have a number of people to thank for helping me along the path to my wonderful new furever home. I am particularly grateful to my prior mom’s brother-in-law and his family for taking in Lexi, Cali, and me after she passed. Not only did they take the three of us in, they kept and cared for me after a tiny misadventure left me in a delicate situation. Then, once my kittens were weaned and off to their own furever homes, they brought me to Safe Place for Pets. I’d also like to thank the folks at Hamlett Spay and Neuter Clinic for spaying me and making sure that I was completely healthy before coming to my new home. And, finally, Thank you to the Safe Place volunteers who made my snuggly. It fits perfectly in my castle’s lookout tower!

Adoption Bio – 1/3/2019

Hello there! My name is Aspen, and I am here to formally introduce myself. Many of you have seen pictures of me in Safe Place for Pets ‘coming attractions ‘ posts, but now that I’m finally here at the Welcome Center, I think it’s time that I told you more about moi.

I am a spectacularly gorgeous Blue Point Snowshoe Siamese. You can see from my pictures how beautiful I am, so why be shy about saying so? One of the Safe Place volunteers called me a queen , and that’s a perfect description of my graceful, svelte self. Maybe my name should be Lady Di? I’m a spayed (now!) female, about 3 years old with claws. I’m a bit thin now, probably only 7 pounds, but nursing three kittens will do that to a gal. My two housemate sisters Lexi and Cali were spayed before our prior mom passed, but I wasn’t, so when the urge arose and a door was conveniently left open… Consequently, instead of coming to Safe Place for Pets in September with Lexi and Cali, I stayed behind to have my kittens and mother them until they were ready to go to their own homes. And now I’m here at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center.

As for who I am as a cat person, I am very friendly and outgoing. You’ve heard the phrase ‘never met a stranger?’ That would be me. I’m happy to curl up in a lap to be stroked and have my chin and ears scratched, but I’m also willing to be picked up someone’s arms to be loved. I’m active and curious; when I was allowed to come out of my kennel after having been spayed I made it a point to investigate every single nook and cranny in the room. And then I realized that the heights of the cat perches made it possible for me to use them as steps to get up on top of the kennels and look around from up there. I LOVE being up high! What I don’t love is having to stay in the cat room when I see people walking around in the outside room! I make sure to express my dissatisfaction by pawing at the door or leaping up to hang on the wire mesh on the top half. And I’m a wiz at slipping out into the office area. You wouldn’t believe how smug that makes me. 😹 One other thing about me that you may find amusing is that I’m a guard cat. I love the people inside the Welcome Center, when I see someone walking past the front windows I growl at them. This is MY place!

Although my prior mom lived alone with Lexi, Cali, and me, the family that I lived with before coming here had four kids, two dogs, and lots of exotic birds. Now that was interesting! They wouldn’t let us get close to the birds of course, but I found that I really enjoyed the children. They were old enough to know how to treat a lady, but young enough to play with. And I love to play! You should see me stand on my hind legs to chase feathers on a string. I could almost be a circus cat! As far as the dogs were concerned, I suppose that they were ok. One was a Blue Ridgeback and the other a Pit Bull. They were well trained and didn’t bother me, but when I ran into them I stood my ground. The Queen is no pushover. Oddly enough though, although Cali, Lexi, and I were all raised together, I really don’t like other cats. I want to be the Prima Donna!

I would dearly love to find a furever home with a family who would love me and let me love them back. It would be great if there were children that I could play with, but as long as I am loved I will be a happy lady. If you’d like to come down to meet me at the Safe Place Welcome Center in Colorado Springs, all you have to do is either call 719-359-0201 or email to make an appointment. One of the volunteers would be happy to introduce us. I would like that very much, and I’m sure that you would too!


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