Meet Baby:

Adoption Date: 5/24/2019

Intake Date: 2/16/2019

Adoption Announcement – 5/24/2019

Hi there, it’s Baby. I’m finally getting back to all of you to tell you about finding my own fur-ever home! You may or may not remember, but I am another one of those cats who needs to be an only cat. Aspen and I were always getting into it, to the point where we both had to go to foster homes!

My foster mom was wonderful, and actually would have liked to adopt me herself, but life was too hectic at that point. It worked out fine though, because my fur-ever parents found me and that was that 😸. I’m actually their second Safe Place cat; their original one died not long ago, and they wanted to adopt from Safe Place for Pets again. Mom was also determined to have a calico – and who can blame her? – so when they saw my picture the just knew that they had to have me. We live in Denver, so they drove down to meet me at my foster mom’s house and an hour later I was headed to my new home. So here I am! You can see from my pictures that I am one happy lady. Mom and Dad say that the way I follow them around almost makes me seem like a dog – as if! I’m also a chatterbox, so I give them up-to-the-moment commentaries on what I’m thinking. I love to see what’s going on outside, so it’s super of them to give me my very own chair by the window so that I can keep watch!

In short, I am very, very happy with my new life and parents. I am a lucky lady and do I ever know it! I’d like to thank the people who helped me along the way: my prior mom’s daughter who was determined to keep her promise to her mother that she would find me a good home, the folks at Cook Veterinary Hospital (a spp partner vet) for making sure that I was healthy before going to my new home, the Safe Place volunteers, and especially my wonderful foster mom for sharing her home and heart with me until my fur-ever parents found me. Thank you everyone!

Adoption Bio – 2/16/2019

Hi there, I’m Baby. I’m really not though, because you really can’t say that a 14-year-old cat is a baby any longer. If you look at my pictures and notice the little heart on the left side of my nose, you might be tempted to call me Valentine or Cupid – even if that is a boy’s name! But my mom called me Baby, mostly because that was the only thing that she could always remember. You see, Mom has something called Alzheimer’s Disease that makes it hard for her to remember things. Her daughter got me for her about seven years ago so that she could have someone to love and who would love her back. It worked out great for both of us, but now that awful disease is far enough along that she can’t take care of herself, much less me. Her daughter can’t take me because she has two cats of her own who are sick. She wrote a post on her neighborhood NextDoor site looking for potential adopters, and one of the Safe Place volunteers saw it and sent her an email about Safe Place for Pets. So here I am hoping to find another someone who will love me.

I suppose that if this were a dating site I would need to give you my statistics, so here they are. I’m a 14-year-old, 12-pound female spayed domestic shorthair calico with claws. That sounds so short and cold, though; it doesn’t say anything about my soft silky coat, my cute little valentine, or my loving nature. It doesn’t tell you that I used to love to sit on Mom’s lap during the day and sleep with her at night. And it certainly doesn’t say that although I may be 14 years old, I still act like a kitten when I see the red dot of a laser light, or that I love to sit in the sun or up on top of the kennels at the Welcome Center and watch what is happening around me. Those things are the ❤ of the matter, don’t you think? I suppose that I should also say that because I led such a quiet life with Mom, I don’t think I would like having kids or dogs around. I feel most comfortable around older folks. I do definitely like men 😻.

Do you think I could be your Valentine or Cupid or Baby or whatever else you’d like to call me? Just like statistics, it’s not the name that matters, but the loving tone in the voice of the one who says it. Won’t you please come down and meet me so I can show you how lovable I am? It’s easy to make an appointment to meet me; all you have to do is call (719) 359-0201 or fill out the form below. I really hope that I see you soon!

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