Meet Bandit

Update Announcement – 5/27/2016

Check out the adorable new photo and update Bandit’s mom sent!

“Bandit AKA ‘Grampy’ is doing great! He is now using the stairs and playing with a toy a little now! And, he even has a new little friend, Piper, a 4 month old Chihuahua we recently adopted — they are becoming little buddies!” We at Safe Place love hearing this good news about Grampy! He has a great new life, and playmate. We wish for continued wonderfulness for Bandit and his new family.

Adoption Announcement – 2/27/2016

A happy ending for all! Bandit is adopted!

Bandit’s new mom and dad recently suffered the unexpected and tremendous loss of their beloved Chihuahua, Rufus, but that loss was the catalyst that connected them with Bandit – who had suffered a tremendous loss of his own when he lost his owner and home. From the get go, mom and dad were understanding in that while Bandit is a bit older at 10 and his eyesight and hearing are no longer perfect (in fact, his new nickname is “Gramps”!), he deserved a chance at a loving home as he still has a lot of life left in him! Bandit has proven to be very clean and polite in his new home and prefers to use the restroom while on a walk and not in his own backyard! Speaking of walks, Bandit is very spry on leash and has also proven to be a good mouser so they keep a close eye on him since he is so quick and so close to the ground! He is quiet, except for when he is excited to see mom come home from work and he will “talk” to say hello, and he also sometimes talks with dad during the day. Bandit can be quite playful and likes to “help” mom and dad while they put on their pants and socks! There is quite the pile of wonderful toys and at this point, Bandit will “sneak” play when he thinks no one is watching! Bandit is a great snuggler and loves curling up on mom and dad’s laps at the end of the day and sleeping in bed with them. They love that he has quite the little personality and has many facial expressions from his “crazy eyes” to looking at them with such love and affection. Everyone at Safe Place for Pets wishes Bandit and his family many happy years of walks and snuggles!!

Adoption Bio – 1/26/2016

Hi! My name is Bandit and I will steal your heart! I am along haired Chihuahua and am 10 years old. I am missing teeth, but have a clean bill of health. I do need to go on a diet and could probably benefit from a daily walk. I know how to use a dog door and I am house trained. Once I get to know you, we will be great friends. Call Safe Place to schedule a meet and greet.

Adoption Date: 2/27/2016 

Intake Date: 1/26/2016

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