Meet Batman:

Adoption Date: 2/15/2019

Adoption Bio –

Who is this masked cat? I’ll give you a hint: “Na na na na na na na…” Yep, I’m Batman, although since I am such a laid-back guy you might want to call me Bruce Wayne instead. I do have some things in common with my namesake though. Like the other Batman, I’m independent and can appear somewhat mysterious. And like many bats, I like to find myself a spot up high where I can survey the world for suspicious characters. I’m no recluse, however; if you call me, I’m more than happy to come down for some scratching and petting. One more thing about me: while I may not be much on catching criminals, I do love hunting bugs!

As for my particulars, I am a 4-year old male neutered black and white domestic shorthair. As you can see for yourself, I am a handsome guy, with a glossy coat and bright eyes. I’m a Safe Place for Pets alumnus; my family adopted me just three years ago when I was a wild teenager. Obviously, I’ve settled down since then, although I haven’t left my kittenhood completely behind me. I’d still be with my family, but they have to move to a place where they can’t have cats. Because Safe Place for Pets will always welcome back any former adoptees, they knew just who to call. So here I am! I would like to find a new furrever home though. Won’t you consider coming down to meet me? All you have to do is call Safe Place at 719-359-0201,  or send an email to or fill out the form below to make an appointment. Come down and see just how wonderful this masked cat is!

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