Bear and Missey

Meet Bear and Missey:

Adoption Date: 5/15/2018

Intake Date: 2/12/2018

Adoption Announcement – 5/15/2018

Hello!  Bear and Missey here to update you since we have now officially been adopted!  Our new mom and dad actually new our dad before he passed away, which is nice because that means WE knew them, too!  They had always loved how quiet, sweet and cuddly we are, but they just weren’t sure they wanted to keep us forever – until we went to Safe Place for Pets and they were afraid they might lose us to someone else!  We are all so very happy they chose to keep us – our lives with them are so wonderful! 

When we first came to them, we really only liked boiled chicken, but both our foster mom and our new parents were very patient and worked with us so we now eat dog food!  We live in a nice home with a lovely, big backyard and a great deck where we can sun ourselves!  We also have access to a doggy door, but we haven’t really learned it yet because we are so tiny and it’s a bit heavy for us.  At night, we just love snuggling with mom and dad on the sofa – can’t you tell how much we love snuggling?   We are so happy to have a wonderful new home and fantastic mom and dad – thank you, Safe Place for Pets!

Safe Place for Pets would like to thank Crystal for fostering these adorable babies – we know how much they loved her!  We’d also like to thank Brown Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets partner vet), for performing a LOT of procedures, including wellness exams, vaccines, Bear’s neutering, Missey’s ultrasound, and dentals cleanings for both to ensure they are as healthy as possible for their new family!  Also, a big thank you to the Safe Place volunteers who made the warm snuggly blanket!  SP4P is grateful to Bear and Missey’s new mom and dad for giving them an amazing home and we wish them many happy years together!!

Adoption Bio – 2/12/2018

Hi!  We are Bear (a 9 year old, male, black Chihuahua) and Missey (a 9 year old, female, tan Chihuahua) here to introduce ourselves!  We are an incredibly close brother and sister pair and we recently lost our dad.  Since we’ve been together – and were with our dad — our entire lives, this change has been difficult for us.  Luckily, we are living with an amazing foster family and we are being loved and cared for, but we need a new home of our own.  We are a little shy when we first meet someone new, but we warm up quickly and are both very sweet and loving.  We are mostly quiet and are very good little lap dogs.  We like to lie snuggled up together, but we are happy to let you in on the cuddling!  At this point, we really only like to eat boiled chicken, but our foster mom is working to get us eating dog food again.  All in all, we are just a couple of sweethearts looking for our new forever home!  If you would like to meet us, please call Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201, email them at, or fill out an Adoption Inquiry form under our profile.  We can’t wait to meet you!


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