Meet Bently

Adoption Announcement – 10/3/2016

Larry and Christopher were looking for a companion for their cat Blanche, who had recently lost her housemate and was lonely. They fell in love with Bently’s outgoing nature and loving personality. Blanche was less than thrilled to have a new cat taking the place of her former sister, but has come around far enough that Larry and Christopher are confident that things will work out.

Adoption Bio – 4/19/2016

Black cats are good luck! My name is Bently, and I promise that anyone who takes me home will be lucky indeed! I am a neutered 5-year-old fluffy long-haired black Domestic Long Hair, and I love to love and be loved! I have never met a stranger, as a matter of fact when that man came into my room to bring my mom’s oxygen tanks, he had to watch his step because I kept flopping down in front of him, rolling over on my back, and just begging him to scratch my belly! You might call me a speed bump J. I really, really love to have my belly rubbed. Or my chin or my ears or just about any part of me! I also love to be in your lap and to have you brush me. I’m 15 pounds, so I will fill up both your lap and your heart with love. I was just a tiny kitten when I came to my mom. Her granddaughter found my sister and me alone in a barn and knew that she had to rescue us. She couldn’t keep us though, because her dad and brother are allergic (whatever that means!) to kitty cats, but she knew how much her my mom loved cats, so she had a perfect solution for us. Maybe you could you stop by the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center in Manitou Springs and see me! I just know that you’ll fall in love with me!

Adoption Date: 7/14/2016 

Intake Date: 10/3/2016

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