Meet Bert

Adoption Announcement – 10/6/2016

Bert has been adopted!

Bert and Cassie have a new furrever home! They no longer have to worry about being stuffed in those awful carriers and carted off to yet another new place. They have had enough of that to last a lifetime! Bert and Cassie’s old mom lived in Mountain Shadows, and during the Waldo Canyon fire the poor cats had to be evacuated not once, but three times! They were beside themselves. But no more. Now they have a new mom and dad who love them dearly and a wonderful, big house to roam in. They love sitting with their mom and dad and watching TV. Cassie is still a bit skittish, and likes to spend her free time beneath the skirts of the recliner, but Bert is a bit more adventuresome. Cassie is without question the boss of the two; she has Bert firmly under her paw! This led to the nickname: “Sassy Cassie.” Bert also has a new nickname: Cat-Bert! They both enjoy playing with their new toys at night when their parents are asleep. Fortunately they are sound sleepers! We at Safe Place for Pets wish Bert and Cassie and their new mom and dad many years of joy together.

Many thanks to Bert and Cassie’s surrenderer for not only covering their intake and dental vet bills, but also for her direct donation to Safe Place for Pets. We would also like to thank their adopters for their adoption donation! We are truly blessed by such wonderful people! And many thanks to Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) for ensuring Bert and Cassie’s good health and readiness for their new forever home! Thank you, too, to Shandra, the Girl Scouts, and National Honor Society students for the Snuggly blanket for Bert and Cassie to enjoy while they watch television with their new parents!

Adoption Bio – 9/20/2016

Do you like big, bold cats? Well then, you should love me! My name is Bert (my friends can call me Bertie though). I am a 10-year-old, 17 pound, declawed and neutered black and white Norwegian Forest Cat with beautiful green eyes. All you have to do is take a look at my picture to know what I mean. And by bold, I’m talking not just about my striking coloring, but also my personality. I’m not a scaredy-cat! I’ll walk right up to you and tell you straight out that it’s time to give me the attention I deserve. I’m such a big fellow that it’s kind of hard for me to fit in laps, but I love to lie next to you and keep you copany. I’m not scared of new places either. They’re fun to explore. I also like to play with mice (catnip-filled of course!) and string. My human mom died a few weeks ago of cancer, so my sister Cassie and I are with a foster right now and looking for a new furrever home. So if you like big, bold cats – and did I mention my green eyes? – I might be willing to grace you with my presence. Give a call to Safe Place for Pets at 359-0201 and make an appointment to stop by and chat!

Adoption Date: 10/6/2016 

Intake Date: 9/20/2016 

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