Meet Binkie:

Adoption Date: 6/18/2019

Intake Date: 5/6/2019

Adoption Announcement – 6/18/2019

Hi! It’s Binkie, and it’s my turn to tell you about finding my fur-ever home. I’m actually the last of the three of us who came to Safe Place for Pets together to be adopted, but please believe me when I say that the wait was more than worth it. 😸

I’ve been with Mom for about three weeks now. Safe Place for Pets does a pre-adoption step to make sure that everything will work out for both the pet and the adopter, because of course sometimes it just doesn’t. But I knew as soon as I walked out of my carrier that we were going to be just fine – and so we are! Actually, it’s not just Mom and I; I have a new brother as well. His name is Sammy, but we don’t have much to say to each other. I do like watching and listening to him though. He’s a cockatiel! But back to Mom and me. She and I compliment each other very well. All I want is to be loved and petted, and she gives me bunches of both. I also like to give love to my special people. I was kind of the “mom” for the group of us who came to Safe Place together, and Mom needs my comfort as well. You see, she lost her husband last September. They were married for 59 years 🥰, and she was terribly lonely and sad without him. He told her before he passed that she needed a companion cat. It took a while, but now she has me and I have her, and together we are both much happier. I sleep with her, and if she needs to get up in the middle of the night I follow her to make sure she gets back to bed safely. And I sit next to her in the chair while she reads. I also have my own chair next to the window so I can watch the people and animals in the little park-like area outside. I like that! 😸

I’m grateful to the people who helped Mom and I find each other. Cook Veterinary Hospital, a Safe Place for Pets partner vet, checked me out to make sure that I was healthy before going to my new home. And, like my former siblings Minnie Mouse and Patrick Swayze, I am incredibly grateful to the friend of our prior mom who took us in after she passed and brought us to Safe Place to find new fur-ever homes. She is so happy for all three of us and says that she knows that our prior mom is too. Is this what people call a “happily-ever-after story?” I sure think so. 😻

Adoption Bio – 5/6/2019

Hi, my name is Binkie, and I came to Safe Place for Pets a short while ago with my two siblings Patrick Swayze and Minnie Mouse. Our mom passed away not long ago, and her very good friend has been caring for us since she got sick. But now it’s time for us to find a new fur-ever home and family to love us. We are all three very good friends who love each other, so we would be happy to go together, but we’re not ‘bonded’, and could just as easily go to separate homes.

As far as I myself am concerned, I’m about 11 years old, a female spayed domestic shorthair tortoiseshell. In case you’re wondering what that means, a tortoiseshell is similar to a calico but with no white, and our colors are all jumbled together – kind of like they were put in a blender 😹. Dilute means that instead of my colors being a mixture of black and orange, they are gray and cream. So there’s your bit of cat trivia for the day! I am 12.5 pounds, and the vet said that I’m just a tiny bit plump and could lose a few pounds. Otherwise I’m very healthy 😸. I should also mention that I still have my claws and am an indoor cat.

Of the five of us, Mom’s friend says that I am the most outgoing. I certainly like to be loved on. I am also the one who is closest to my other 4 siblings. I’m not trying to say that they aren’t loving as well, but I am just an all-around lover! One quirk about me is that unlike most cats, I like vacuums. As a matter of fact, I even like to be vacuumed! I also love to play with toys and have a small scratching post with a cave attached that I really like. I will be taking it along with me when I leave Safe Place; trust me on that! I’m a lap cat and liked to sleep with Mom (we all did,) but I’m also more than happy to say hello to a stranger and ask to be petted and ‘scritched’. I get along with dogs just fine, but since Mom didn’t have any children around I’m not sure how well I’d do with them.

I think I’ve given you a fairly good ‘self-portrait’ 😸. I hope it inspires you to come down to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center and meet me. Of course you can also meet my siblings, but where this is concerned I’m all about me! I am a cat after all 😜. The Welcome Center is located at 1520 N. Hancock next to the Senior Center and is open at least a few hours most days. But if you want to make sure to meet me, just call Safe Place at (719) 359-0201 or email them at I hope to see you soon!

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