Meet Boo

Update Announcement – 5/8/2016

Boo is now 18 years old!

Boo is doing very well and loves to wait in the shower and demand her mom Karen turn it on so she can have a drink. Apparently her two other water bowls are just not adequate (LOL). She is still very healthy, and although mostly deaf, it doesn’t slow her down a bit. Karen says she is such a sweetie.

Adoption Announcement – 1/3/2016

Boo, a very lovely long-haired, gray and white, 17-year-old girl cat, has been adopted!

Boo has been with her new mom for the past month, but snow storms and Christmas holiday vacations delayed “sealing the deal” until now. Both Boo and her mom agree that this is a great way to kick off 2016! Boo enjoys her mom’s company and really enjoys being brushed. She likes to have “conversations” with her mom, especially when she feels that she should have seconds of canned cat food! Boo decided right off that her Snuggly blanket was great and she settled on it for a nap. Wishing Boo and her mom many happy times together!

Adoption Bio – 10/23/2015

Boo is a 17 year old grey and white DLH non-declawed female feline. She is a sweet girl, who is in good health, and at our initial vet appointment, the vet was surprised to hear she was 17. She is quite fluffy which makes her look bigger than her 10.5 pounds. Boo spent the first 15 years of her life with another cat named Peeka. Peeka crossed the rainbow bridge, and Boo’s mom has also passed on. Boo is a loyal companion who is now looking for a new human or humans to call her own. Boo is OK with other cats (she has spent some time in another home with multiple cats since her mom passed). She loves to be brushed, to sit in windows, and enjoy the sunshine. She also likes to play with fuzzy mice, and her other toys as well as humans of any age. Boo has no history of being with or around dogs. Do you have room in your life for this Boo-tiful gal?

Adoption Date: 1/3/2016 

Intake Date: 10/23/2015

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