Meet Boots

Adoption Date: 7/24/2017

Intake Date: 7/10/2017

Adoption Announcement – 7/24/2017

Hi! My name is Boots, aka Butters and The Orange Bomber. This is my hail and farewell to you and to all the folks at Safe Place for Pets, many of whom never even had a chance to meet me! You see, I am a “revolving door” cat. Let me tell you my tail.

I first came to Safe Place over two years ago. I was adopted in July of 2015 by a wonderful elderly lady who needed a companion. She was in a retirement home and needed a loving friend to keep her company. She actually wasn’t too sure of me at first because I was a bit of a handful. I am an active, curious guy and took great delight in opening her cupboards to see what I could find. But after a while I settled down, and she said that she couldn’t imagine a life without me. But over the last year or so she started getting confused, and her family found out that she was very ill. I loved her very much and it made me terribly sad to see her just lying in her bed. I did as much as I could to care for her and comfort her. I stayed with her on her bed except when the hospice folks came and locked me out of the room. Then I would stand at the door and cry. My favorite place to lie was right behind her head. It seemed to me that that was where she needed healing. That’s where I was when the lady from Safe Place came to get me.

But it’s not in my nature to be sad too long, and I am once again the lively character that I used to be. And I found my new furever home just four days after coming back to Safe Place! I’m sure that most of you remember Eric, Safe Place’s own Tom Selleck. Well, Eric always liked having a pal, particularly orange cats like me. The SP4P volunteer called Eric’s new mom and suggested that she come meet me. I came back to Safe Place for Pets on a Monday and was out the door again on Friday. So you can see why I call myself a revolving door cat! It has been quite a change for me to go from being a quiet companion to an elderly lady living alone to having a new mom, two canine sisters (Millie and Izzie), and my brother Eric. Instead of living in one small apartment, I have a 4-story house to run around in. And run I do! Mom calls me The Orange Bomber because I sleep with her and when she gets up in the morning I wait until she is ready to go downstairs. Then I go flying down like I have demons on my tail. She calls me Butters because I remind her of a character on some TV show called South Park, and she says that one of the other characters is named Eric. I’m as curious as ever, and Mom is talking about getting child guards for her cupboards. I like to be right next to her, and I like to make her shriek by while she is working at her desk by sticking my cold nose in places where it doesn’t belong. I told you that I was a character, didn’t I?

Eric and I are friends, but he hasn’t taken me “under his paw,” the way he did the others, maybe because I don’t need him to! I am perfectly fine on my own. But I do want to be buddies with Millie, whom you might remember from Eric’s adoption post. She has cancer and I want to be a care-cat for her. She wasn’t certain of me at first, but she is coming around.

So there you have it: my hail and farewell. It made me very sad to watch my previous mom pass away, but I am so grateful to have found a new home with a loving mom and new family.

Safe Place for Pets would like to express our gratitude to Boots’ new mom for her generous adoption donation. Many thanks as well to Cook Veterinary Hospital for caring for Boots and ensuring that he was healthy and ready for his new home. Our thanks as well to the Safe Place volunteers for making the snuggly for Boots to enjoy. We wish Boots, his new mom, and his siblings many happy years together. We are grateful that Boots could be a comfort to his previous mom in the last years of her life and to her daughters for remembering that Safe Place will always take back our cat and dog alumni, no matter the circumstances of their return. Once a Safe Place pet, always a Safe Place pet!

Adoption Bio – 7/10/2017

Hi there! My name is Boots. You can see from my pictures where I get my name, but to get the details out of the way, I am a 9-year-old male neutered orange and white Domestic Shorthair with claws. I don’t act or look like I’m that old though; the vet told the Safe Place volunteer yesterday that she would never have guessed from my health and appearance, not to mention behavior, that I was that old. I have to say that I am a charmer. Besides my good looks, I really like people, and have never met a stranger. I am more than willing to have you love me, although I have to say that I’d rather you not grab me. I am a cat and like most cats I like to do things my own way. If you sit down and wait, I will be happy to come to you. I am also the epitome of the curious cat; I want to know what is behind every single door and cupboard and if you don’t open your cupboards to give me a peak, I will open them myself! I also like heights and have no problem jumping up and settling down to survey my surroundings. But if you call me I will come down to see you. Do I sound like I’m 9 years old? I don’t think so!

I can be quiet though. My mom is dying of a brain tumor, which is why I’m back at Safe Place for Pets. She actually adopted me from Safe Place two years ago, but they will always take one of their adopted pets back if something – anything! – happens. Anyway, she adopted me as a companion and therapy cat because she lived alone in a retirement home and was developing dementia. She wasn’t sure of me at first because, as I said, I’m lively and curious, but once I realized what she needed I quieted down and spent my days loving her and keeping her company. I’m not an overly playful guy, but I did enjoy playing with her yarn when she was still able to crochet. But she hasn’t been able to do that for a long time now, and it’s been so hard for me to see her slipping away from me. Every so often when the nurses were there, they would make me stay out of her room and it would upset me terribly. I’m her comforter and I’m supposed to be with her! My favorite place to be was on the pillow behind her head, and I used to lie there for hours on end. I know that it’s time for me to go, but I loved and cared for her for so long that it’s hard for me. I hope that I can find a new family or person to love soon so that I can make them happy too.

Won’t you please contact the nice volunteers at Safe Place for Pets to find out more about me or to visit me? You can see me on their website at or call them at 719 359-0201 to set up an appointment to come and meet me. You won’t be sorry!

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