Meet Bumble

Adoption Announcement – 9/28/2015

Bumble has found his forever home!

Adoption Bio – 8/10/2015

Bumble was the one puppy of the litter folks made fun of because of the way he walked his human dad thought he kind of “bumbled” along – hence his name, Bumble! Bumble is an 8 year old, 22lb neutered, male dachshund/wire-haired terrier mix. He lived his whole life with only his human dad and they were inseparable. Dad taught Bumble how to use a cowbell to let him know when he needed to go outside and do his business. Bumble is good with cats and children. In fact, the little girls he currently lives with use doll brushes to brush Bumble and he tolerates it well! He also currently lives with other dogs and after being an “only dog” his whole life, he is acclimating well to all the activity in the home.

He has a crate, which was used on the rare occasion when he was left alone. Bumble is good on leash, but may be hesitant initially. He may feel the need to talk to other dogs while out on a walk, since he hasn’t met a lot of others of his kind in his life thus far.

He’s a cute fella, and has a unique way to say “Hi!” if you are standing at the bottom of a set of stairs and he is at the top, he will look down at you and raise his paw, as if to say, “Hey!”

Adoption Date: 9/28/2015

Intake Date: 8/10/2015

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