Update – 2015

This is Buster, the bouncy dog, wanting to say thank you to Safe Place for Pets. I was really worried when my dad passed away and I didn’t know where I would live or who would feed me or who would love me. I had to try out several families to find the perfect home who would accept me. I bounce up and down when I get super excited but I am a very sensitive and shy dog around people I don’t know. Then I found Bruno and his family. Bruno taught me how to trust and love again. His family does a great job of taking care of me. Thank you Safe Place for Pets. You have helped me find a happy life again.

Buster was brought into our program with his brother Buddy. Buddy was adopted and moved to NYC. This left Buster alone for a while. He was then adopted and moved out to the country with a small dog friend, who he got along famously with. However, his high energy level never waned and this lead his adopters to return him to us after several months. Finally, Buster found a wonderful new and forever home with his foster and family (which includes his best buddy Bruno).

Adoption Announcement – 10/18/14


Adoption Date: 10/18/14

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