Meet Callie:

Hello everyone, my name is Callie. I’m not a calico and my mom is no longer around to ask so I don’t know how I got my name. My mom passed away recently and I was able to spend her last days with her. However my dad is now moving in with his daughter who is allergic to me. My family is very sad to have to give me up but I’m really looking forward to finding a new forever home.

I’m a 10 year old Maine Coon but on the small side for the breed. I’m a bit thin because I’m hyperthyroid, but I take one pill a day in my canned food – yum! I have the typical long, soft fur of a Maine Coon. I really enjoy looking good and like to have my beautiful coat brushed often. I’m not much of a lap cat but I like to cuddle up next to you and share the arm or back of the sofa. I don’t mind being held but the trip from the floor up to your arms scares me so make sure you give me a lot of support and make me feel secure before you lift me up.

I LOVE PUMPKIN! I can’t say it enough. I have it with my breakfast every morning to start the day out right. I also love to chase balls and feathers. I’m pretty calm most of the time but sometimes the mood strikes me and I get a bit crazy. I run around the kitchen and hide under the counter just for heck of it.

I’ve never had any siblings, feline or canine or human, so I don’t know how I would get along with them. I’m shy around strangers and hide in the closet when they visit. I think I would prefer a quiet home like the one I came from. If you’d love to sit and watch TV while I allow you to brush me I think we’d get along just fine. If you want to meet me, please call Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201 or fill out the form below.

Age: 10
Sex: F
Size: Med
Declawed: N
Location: Welcome Center

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