Meet Canela:

Adoption Date: 7/26/2019

Intake Date: 5/22/2019

Adoption Announcement – 7/26/2019

Hi, Canela here to tell you that I’ve found my furever-and-ever home! It took me a while; I was at Safe Place for Pets for over a month before my new mom found me. I’m such a sweet, loving girl that no one at Safe Place could understand why I wasn’t snatched up immediately! Well, that’s all behind me now 😻. Mom and I are very happy together in our cozy apartment and I’m not going anywhere!

I’m actually Mom’s second ‘calico-type’ cat. I’m not a calico of course; I’m a tortoiseshell, but many people tend to lump us together in their minds. They also frequently think that we can be mean, or have ‘tortitude’ as some people call it. I don’t know why, because I am one of the sweetest, most gentle cats that you’d ever want to meet. Mom’s first cat, Lila, was a true calico, so she knew better than to believe in the stereotype. She lost Lila on Memorial weekend, just before moving to Colorado Springs. Lila was 19 ½ years old, and it was terribly hard on Mom. She was going to wait longer to find another furbaby, but just couldn’t stand coming home to a cat-less house. So she went on Google looking for someone to fill that hole and found me! We are both very happy to have each other to love. 💕

Just like all Safe Place pets, I have some thank-you’s to send. First thank you to the folks at Yorkshire Veterinary Hospital for checking me out to make sure I was healthy before coming to Safe Place for Pets. They also passed on to the Safe Place volunteers that I needed dental work, which brings me to my second thank you. That goes to Dr. Crane and the veterinary tech students at Apex School of Veterinary Technology. They took out four major molars, two on the top and two on the bottom! I guess I should have been more careful about brushing my teeth. 😿 I’ll know better from here on out. Finally, thank you to all the volunteers at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center for caring for me and loving me while I was waiting for Mom.

Adoption Bio – 5/22/2019

Hi, my name is Canela, and I’m her to tell you about myself. I’m a 9-year-old female spayed tortoiseshell domestic shorthair with claws. At 15 pounds, I guess I’m a just bit plump, but I guess that’s no real surprise since my two favorite activities are eating and sleeping!

I’m still a pretty girl though. Of course what tortoiseshell isn’t pretty?! My name reflects my color because Canela means cinnamon in Spanish! My late mom was Hispanic, and thought that cinnamon was a perfect description for me. I completely agree!

As far as my personality goes, Mom’s daughter called me an absolute sweetheart. I’m outgoing and friendly and adore being loved and spending time with my people. I’m not a huge lap cat, but will grace you with your presence if I’m so inclined. As I said, I love to take naps, and my two favorite places are on my cat condo or on the couch. That having been said, I do like to play and will gladly chase any bit of string or yarn that you drag in front of me. Those poles with feathers on the end of them are a lot of fun. 😸

I am at Safe Place for Pets because my mom died not long ago and my dad is moving into an assisted living facility where he can’t have cats. I can’t understand that because we can give so much comfort just by being there. But that’s the way it is, so I guess there’s nothing to be done. But I’m only 9 years old and would dearly love to find another furever home where I can be happy and make my human or humans happy as well. I think I’d prefer a quiet home, although I’m fine with children if they don’t make too much noise. Loud noise and a lot of people make me nervous and I tend to run into the bedroom and hide under the bed until things settle down. I’m ok with dogs – quiet ones! – but I’m not sure about other cats.

If you think I might be a good fit for you, I’d be happy to meet you and see if we like each other. It’s simple to do; just call Safe Place for Pets at (719) 359-0201 or email them at to make an appointment. Someone will get right back to you, I promise

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