Meet Casper

Adoption Announcement – 11/22/2015

Casper has been adopted!

Casper has a new forever home, with a mom and dad, and a dog sister…and a grown-up brother and sister-in-law who visit on occasion! As soon as she arrived at her potential new home in Denver, she was comfortable exploring everywhere and giving her approval that this new home would most definitely meet her standards! She was sitting in her new mom’s lap before the ink was even dry on the pre-adoption visit contract! And since then, she has been enjoying Sallie (her very sweet collie sister) and occasional visits from Fibber McGee (her brother’s cat). To top it all off, Casper is very pleased that her dad is willing to share tapioca pudding with her!

Adoption Bio – 8/29/2015

Perhaps I was named for Casper after that famous “Friendly Ghost” because of my white fur, but now I am a lovely white/cream kitty with flame-point (orange) markings and beautiful blue eyes! I am a happy 9-year-old, who is very relaxed, easy going, and usually quiet unless something annoys me (like nail trims, when you finally get to my fourth foot!). Please brush me lots-I will purr very loudly to let you know how much I enjoy it and your attention! I lived with 2 other cats in my former home and now I am enjoying the company of the cats at the Safe Place for Pets cattery until I have a new forever home with you!

Adoption Date: 11/22/2015 

Intake Date: 8/29/2015 

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