Meet Chappy:

Adoption Date: 2/18/2018

Intake Date: 1/10/2018

Adoption Announcement – 2/18/2018

Hi! I’m Chappy, but you can call me Happy!!!

After all, thanks to a lot of different people, I have a new forever home and Mom who loves me! I came to Safe Place for Pets together with my brother Onyx on January 10 after our prior Mom died, and did we ever luck out. Onyx was adopted into his new forever home last week and now here I am in mine!

Mom lost her previous cat, Gracie, to kidney cancer last year and knew that she would eventually want another fur-ball to fill the void. So she asked her vet, Dr. Whitmore at Companion Animal Clinic for suggestions on where to go, and she sent her to Safe Place for Pets where she found me! She wasn’t sure exactly what kind of cat she was looking for, but when she met me that was all there was to it. I went home with her that very day and have never looked back. The only thing that Mom was a tiny bit concerned about was whether or not I would be happy being indoor-only cats. Onyx and I were both indoor/outdoor cats when we lived with our prior mom. But we are both indoor cats now and perfectly content. When the weather is nice, Mom opens up the back door so that I can sniff the air through the screen, and that’s enough for me.

It’s great being here with Mom. It’s just the two of us in a nice big house with plenty of places to sleep and room to play when I take it into my head to have some fun. My favorite spot to sleep is in the middle of Mom’s bed, but there are also the sofas downstairs, the table that I like to curl up underneath, and the cozy spot at the end of the loveseat where I go to sleep after I’ve been playing. Mom is going to put that cool snuggly that the Safe Place volunteer brought today right in that spot so that I can curl up in it. I also like sitting on Mom’s lap for petting, although I’m not one of those cats who wants to stay there for hours. I jump up for a few minutes of petting ad scratching – I really like being scratched at the base of my tail! – then I hop down. Then a little bit later I do the same thing all over again. That’s just how I am. Like people, we cats all have our own quirks.

Did I mention playing? Mom has this neat thing that she made by tying pipe cleaners together, and it’s great fun to chase it when she drags it back and forth in the living room. She also bought me some little catnip mice, which are great fun to bat around and throw up into the air. And they’re small enough to carry around wherever I want. Mom says that she never knows where they’ll turn up. But I do! 😉

As you can tell, I am a happy Chappy indeed. I mentioned my prior mom’s friend who took care of Onyx and me after she died and then brought us to Safe Place for Pets, but I want to send her another special thank you. She was a friend indeed, not just to our prior mom, but to the two of us as well. If it hadn’t been for her, there is no telling what would have become of us! I also want to thank Dr. Whitmore for sending Mom to Safe Place so that she could find me. And of course there is Dr. Barb at Buxton Veterinary Hospital, who took good care of me and made sure that I was in good health when Mom came to meet me. Finally, thank you to the Safe Place volunteers who made my snuggly. I just know that I’m going to love it.

Adoption Bio – 1/10/2018

Hi, my name is Chappy. I know that it’s kind of an odd name, but I got it because my mom’s husband’s name was Chapman, so she kind of named me after him. In any case, I am a 14.12-oz, 7-8 year old male neutered tabby and white Domestic Shorthair with claws. What a mouthful!

I’ve been here at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center in Manitou Springs Colorado for a day or so now. I came with my brother Onyx after our mom died last week. It’s kind of strange because we were with her for seven years. She didn’t really adopt us; we adopted her. She was a great mom and we both loved her. We’re indoor/outdoor cats, but we always came in at night for cuddles and to sleep with her. No one was quite sure what would happen to us after Mom died because there was really no place for us to go. But a really good friend of hers decided that we just had to go to good homes, and when she did a search on rescue organizations she found Safe Place for Pets. She even went so far as to pay all our vet bills. He is a friend indeed.

I call Onyx my brother because we lived together, but to be honest we weren’t that close. He’s super outgoing, and I’m more reserved. Don’t get me wrong; I like to be petted and scratched as much as any other cat, and I do enjoy playing. I spent the night with the Safe Place for Pets volunteer, and she gave me a catnip mouse to play with. I had a grand time! But I’m more of a quiet guy. I really kind of think that I would like a forever home where I could be the only pet. Then I could have my peace but still get the petting and loving that I crave. I may be a bit slow to warm up, but if you give me a little time I promise that I can be a really loving pal.

If you’d like to meet me and see if we might suit each other – and I really hope we would! – you can call Safe Place at (719) 359-0201 or email them at to make an appointment to come by and see me. I’ll be waiting!


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