Meet Charlie

Adoption Announcement – 12/5/2015

Everyone at Safe Place for Pets is so happy for sweet, little Charlie — he was adopted today!!

Charlie recently came back to Safe Place when his owner became too ill to care for him any longer. A lovely young couple saw Charlie online and thought he might be a great addition to their family, which includes their beautiful dog, Roxie, a 3-legged Rottweiler/Lab mix. Sadly, they lost another dog a few months ago and felt Roxie was lonely without her friend. While it will take time for Roxie and Charlie to build a deep connection, all is going well so far. Charlie is loving his new family and home…he loves following mom and dad everywhere, and they have to be very careful not to step on him because he is so quick and gets underfoot! He really enjoys snuggling with them on the sofa, and Charlie’s new “Grandma” loves him, too, and even allows him on her furniture as well! They will be working on getting Charlie to stay out of the kitchen, but who can blame him — that’s where yummy human food comes from!! Everyone at Safe Place wishes them many happy years, tail wags and doggy kisses together!

Adoption Bio – 11/19/2015

Charlie is a neutered 10 year old, 16 pound white terrier mix. Charlie is a people pleaser who went thru the prison training system many years ago. Most of his skills have not been kept up, but he does listen well, and he really doesn’t bark other than when he hears something, someone’s at the door, etc., but he quiets down quickly. Although Charlie might be a little big for a lapdog, he will try now and again to cuddle up. He likes to knead his bedding like a cat before going to sleep. He doesn’t go for walks except out to potty, but he does well on leash and might really enjoy walking with his new human(s). Charlie did live with another small dog and 2 cats before coming to Safe Place. This is one nice little fella who is looking for a new calm environment and really needs a person or people who will walk him and play with him or at least be affectionate with him and pay attention to him. He is housebroken and crate trained and will even seek his crate out for a nap or to sleep in at night.

Adoption Date: 12/5/2015

Intake Date: 11/22/2015

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