Meet Charlie

Adoption Announcement – 3/13/2016

Charlie has found his new forever home!

Charlie is a very calm and sweet 7 year old, Australian Cattle Dog mix who gets along well with other dogs, children and people – just not cats! Charlie’s adopted mom keeps very active, but is home much of the time to spend quality time with Charlie. They are fortunate to have a lovely park nearby and are enjoying the beautiful weather we’re experiencing and have been taking several walks each day. Charlie is a very social guy and will gently pull his leash toward people and pets passing by to get a head scratch while the humans exchange pleasantries. Charlie looks like he’d love to join the others for soccer at the park, but they’ve decided to just stick to observing the game.

At home, Charlie loves to sit in the living room and keep a close eye on the goings on outside through the front glass door. The neighbor cat was even bold enough to look right in at Charlie while we were there one day, but it quickly ran off when it saw Charlie staring back intently! Charlie also loves to sit on the window seat and look out a large window as is evidenced by the dog nose prints left behind! Charlie started out sleeping in the living room, but he has decided he much prefers sleeping next to his mom’s bed. He’s been enjoying his new toys, and will also spend a lot of time outside with his new owner as she plants her edible garden this spring. Everyone at Safe Place for Pets wishes them much happiness together!

Adoption Bio – 1/31/2016

Hey mate, my name is Charlie. I am a 7 year old Australian Shepherd/Blue Heeler mix. I am in good health and weigh 40-50 pounds. When I was younger I got in a brawl (you know how us Aussies are!) and lost a piece of my ear, but no worries as it doesn’t bother me a bit. I do not like cats, but I prefer a home with other dogs or a home where my human will not leave me alone too long. I love kids…or anyone who will give me a good rub or scratch. And I love playing with toys! I am good on a leash and riding in the car. My foster parents say that I am a very good and obedient dog. All I want is someone to love me and show me affection. To meet me is to love me so what are you waiting for? Call today to make an appointment!

Adoption Date: 3/13/2016

Intake Date: 1/31/2016

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