Meet Chyna

Adoption Announcement – 10/5/2015

Chyna has been adopted! Here’s her story….

Chyna, a beautiful 10-year-old ragdoll mix, has found her new forever home! Almost as soon as she arrived, she knew that she ‘was home’- her new mom and dad noticed that she did not hesitate to ‘unpack her bags’ and move right in! Besides a mom and dad, Chyna also has a big brother, the resident cat who is a 14-year-old ragdoll. The family recently lost his littermate brother pal, so he is still deciding if or when he is going to pay any attention to his new little sister. In the meantime, Chyna is curious about him but not confrontational, and she goes about her day exploring her new home, sitting in the large cat castle by the windows where she can watch the wildlife roaming through the neighborhood, and sleeping on her parents’ bed. She loves for her dad to comb and brush her long soft coat and responds with lots of purring. Her mom and dad are truly thrilled that they found Chyna and are enjoying her as much as she is enjoying them!

Adoption Bio – 7/28/2015

I am a lovely, 10 year old female ragdoll mix with claws. My eyes are a beautiful blue and my coat is just as beautiful. I was living with a shepherd/spaniel mix and a bichon poodle mix, and had no issues with them. I am an indoor only kitty. My raspy meow will tell you when I don’t get my food fast enough. I also like to give love nips. Can I give you some extra love?

Adoption Date: 10/5/2015 

Intake Date: 7/29/2015 

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