Cici & Jake

Meet Cici & Jake

Adoption Announcement – 10/16/2015

Tonight Jake and Cici have claimed their forever home. 

Jake and Cici are two well adjusted, well trained, calm and wonderful dogs. They have been together for most of their lives, and our aim at Safe Place for Pets was to find a home for the two of them. That home came quickly, as they were in program for only 16 days. A wonderful couple, who unfortunately lost 3 older dogs in the last year to old age and age related issues, were looking for some friends for their remaining pooch, Ricky. Ricky was happy to meet them when they arrived, and we all went for a walk at the meet and greet meeting.

Since they started pre-adoption visit with Ricky, mom and dad, Jake and Cici have easily adjusted to their new lives. They have a regular schedule, which Ricky is also appreciating. This week, Jake and Cici had dental appointments and while they were gone, Ricky was very concerned. He was most happy when they returned home. He and Jake have been playing a bit. And everyone will lay down together for resting.

Mom and Dad are used to having older dogs, and are happy to help give Jake and Cici a new forever home. Cici likes to lay on the patio, but also to keep her new mom in her sights. If mom moves out of viewing range, Cici will find her. They are enjoying their walks in the Garden of the Gods park. And also had a great time at Bear Creek park. Jake enjoyed it so much, he found the creek and had to lay in the stream.

Adoption Bio – 10/2/2015

Hi, my name is Cici. I am a 12 year old lab shepherd mix. I am the leader of the pack, but have been relying more on Jake as I get older. I am trying to age gracefully, but I am losing my sight and hearing. Still, I am very well socialized. I know many commands both by words and by hand signals. Just like by best pal Jake, I also love all animals, and haven’t met a bad one. I once walked up to a bear to say hello. Luckily for me, the bear was in a good mood! We had a short word, and then mom called me back, and all was well. I like to go for walks in the 1-3 mile range. I also enjoy laying on the porch and keeping a watchful eye on the goings on in the neighborhood. Since Jake and I have been together for most of our lives and need each other, we would like to be adopted as a pair. If you are looking for a couple of well mannered and affectionate dogs, we are for you.

Hi, my name is Jake and I am an 11 year old blue merle Aussie Shepherd. About 7 years ago I was hit by a car and lost my front leg. I have gotten along well for many years without my leg, but I am starting to slow down as I get older. I can still walk 1 1/2 blocks and enjoy a regular short stroll. I enjoy being off leash as well. I can even stand on my back legs and take a gander at things on the counter, if something smells good enough. They say I am a gentleman because I love all other animals, so much so that I was recently skunked because I was so interested in the “little cat” in my yard. I wanted so badly to say Hi that I got right in his face. The skunk was trapped and had no choice but to let loose so that I would back up. Told you, I have never met a stranger. I am a great smoocher, and love to give kisses. I am very affectionate, and a happy, happy guy. I also know many commands both by words and by hand signals, thanks to my previous owner. I am also crate trained. I have been with my best dog pal, Cici, for most of my life and the older we both get, the more we need each other. If you are ready to meet your 2 new best friends, ask for Jake and Cici. We are ready to meet you.

Adoption Date: 10/19/2015 

Intake Date: 10/2/2015

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