Meet Cinder:

Update 9/19/2018 –

Unfortunately, not all of our pets find their new forever homes before they cross the Rainbow Bridge. We are all so sad to share that Cinder had a stroke and did not get to stay with Snickers long enough to find their new home together. We are certain, however, that he is with his mom that he missed so very much, and that they are both looking out for Snickers, hoping that she will find someone to take her home soon.

Adoption Bio –

What is better than one cat? A bonded pair, which describes the 2 of us—Cinder and Snickers! I am Cinder, a very handsome black boy with gold eyes. I am 15 years old, neutered, indoor only, with my claws, and I weigh 12 pounds. I am initially very shy, but I get my bearings quickly to enjoy my surroundings and people company. My bonded housemate sister, Snickers, is a 12-year-old calico who is spayed, 16 pounds, and who needs lots of time to feel comfortable with new people and new settings. She has her claws, too, but she hides rather than use them when she is afraid. We have both been with our mom since we were kittens, and we are now boarding at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center. We recently lost our mom, and her family members were not able to keep us since they are animal lovers (just like our mom) with already full houses of pets. Her daughters did the next best thing and brought us here to live until our new forever family finds us. In our prior home we enjoyed being held and sitting in a warm lap. We have no experience with dogs or cats other than each other. We will be a great addition to a family who knows how to be patient to give Snickers, especially, the time to really settle in to become the affectionate companion she used to be before our world was turned upside-down. I (Cinder) will be your pal quickly, and soon enough, I have no doubt that you will have 2 cat pals. You can find out more about us and come to meet us by filling out the inquiry form below, calling Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201, or send an email to We’d both love to meet you!