Meet Cinder

Adoption Date: 4/17/2017

Intake Date: 3/11/2016

Adoption Announcement – 4/17/2017

Hi! My name is Cinder, and just like Cinderella, I have found my castle.

I don’t have (or want!) a prince, but the Chuck and Iris, the king and queen of my castle, have adopted me as their new daughter. And what a castle it is! There are four floors to explore with lots of windows so that I can look out and watch the birds, bunnies, and squirrels. Two of those windows even have cat trees, and one of the trees has a cat bed on it so that my princess bottom won’t feel a single pea. My favorite is the cat tree next to Mom’s jigsaw puzzle table though. The window there has a nice deep window sill that I can stretch out in the sun on, and I get to help Mom do her jigsaw puzzles! She likes to show me a group of pieces so that I can point my paw at the one I think fits. She spends a lot of time doing puzzles, which means that I get to spend a lot of time with her. I love that. Of course being a cat, I also have my special hidey holes, but Mom and Dad don’t mind that. And it is so wonderful to be able to sleep with them! I have a new family that loves me so very much. What cat could be happier?

Many thanks to Cinder’s surrenderers for entrusting Safe Place with their mother’s beloved cat and to her new mom and dad for their adoption donation, as well as to Buxton Animal Hospital (a Safe Place vet partner) for ensuring Cinder’s good health and readiness for her new home. Thank you too to Shandra and the volunteers for providing Cinder with a snuggly to cuddle up in.

Adoption Bio – 3/11/2016

Good Morning, I’m Cinder.

As you can see from my pictures, I am not black, so you may have trouble remembering my name. If so, just think of Cinderella. After all, I’m pretty enough to be a Cinderella, don’t you think?

To tell you a bit about me (the boring stuff), I am a 12-year-old female spayed and declawed Maine Coon. I may not be fully Maine Coon, because I am on the small side (only 10 pounds), but good things can come in small packages! Since I’m declawed, I really need to live indoors so I can stay safe. I came to Safe Place because my human mom died a few weeks ago, and no one could keep me because of their family situations.

One person had a dog…and I don’t like dogs! For that matter, I’m not terribly keen on other cats either. I was an only cat at home, and really seem to like that best. I love people. When the lady from Safe Place came to get me, I was happy to let her hold me and purred for her to let her know that I liked her. I even came out of that nasty crate and sat next to her while we were waiting for the vet to come admire me. I love to sleep with my person and sit on laps and be petted. I’m not shy, so when the petting stops, and I want more, I will stick my nose in their hand to remind them that I am there.

I like to play with laser pointers and feathers on a wand. And of course, I like to be brushed…who wouldn’t, with all this wonderful hair?

All in all, I am a beautiful little sweetie. Who wouldn’t want me to light up their life?

Won’t you please contact the nice volunteers at Safe Place for Pets to find out more about me and/or to visit me? Or call them at 719-359-0201 to set up an appointment to meet me. You won’t be sorry!

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