Meet Cookie:

Adoption Date: 11/6/2017

Intake Date: 5/26/2017

Adoption Announcement: 11/6/2017

Hi everyone, remember us? It’s Cookie and Miss Kitty, and we are stopping in to tell you about our wonderful new forever home and how we found it. There is an old phrase that says “It takes a village.” Well in our case, it took a foster and her mom. We came to Safe Place for Pets when our prior mom died last May. There were five of us living with our prior mom: the two of us, Eddie and Jesse, and Cathy. The other three settled in to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center right away, but we were scared! There were so many strange cats around, and even though the volunteers took loving care of us, all we wanted to do was huddle together behind the blankets and pillows in our kennel and hide. Sometimes if none of the other cats were around we’d come out for attention. We’re shy around other cats, but we both love petting! But things just did not get better and something had to change.

Enter our wonderful foster mom! She brought us home to her house and gave us a whole room of our own with a bed and lots of blankets to hide in and feel comfortable and safe until we got to know her and her husband and little girl. She is only 2 ½, but if she was very quiet we would let her kiss us on our heads. She liked that. Our foster parents were great. They would come downstairs and sit with us and just read or talk to us. After a while we started coming out to cuddle and get some petting. We liked our foster mom the best because she had such a nice soft voice and also because she had more time to spend with us.

And here comes the cool part! Our new forever mom is our foster mom’s Mom! She came down to spend the weekend in Colorado Springs, and as soon as she came in our room we felt comfortable enough to come out and say hi and get cuddles. Maybe it was because she is so much like her daughter, but everything just clicked and, she knew right away that we were going to have to come home with her. So about a week or so later the Safe Place volunteer drove us up to our new mom’s house in Denver.

Since we are still shy by nature, it took us a few days to be willing to come out from under Mom’s bed to explore, but once we did…. Mom is wonderful and we love her so much! We love to sit close to her and watch TV or read. I (Miss Kitty here) take great delight in sitting on her lap or chest and positioning my tail at just the right height that she can’t see the television. So of course she has no choice but to pay attention to me instead. Mission accomplished. 😉 Cookie is not quite as physically affectionate as I am, but she loves to be close to both of us. So we are a very happy trio.

Our house is nice and big, so there are lots of places to explore and sleep in. Mom teaches school , so she doesn’t get home until late afternoon, but we two love each other so much that we are never lonely. We’ve been best friends all our lives and would never want to be separated from each other. We are really grateful to the folks at Safe Place for Pets for understanding that and making sure that we stayed together. We’re also so thankful to them for sending us to our wonderful foster mom and her family. After all, if it weren’t for them, we wouldn’t have our new Mom and forever home! And it’s neat that because they are family, we get to see our foster family sometimes too. Wow are we lucky that things worked out so beautifully for all of us. Remember the saying that it takes a village? For us it just took a very special and loving extended family to give us a whole new life. Thank you everybody!

Adoption Bio: 5/26/2017

Hello, Cookie and Miss Kitty here to introduce ourselves and stir your interest in adding us to your family! We recently lost our loving mom and are now adjusting to our new “temporary” home at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center. We are littermate sisters who are also bonded—we are each other’s best friend and like to stay close to each other, and we will even share attention from our people!

We are 8 years old, spayed, indoor-only, and have longish fur. Neither of us is too fond of being brushed, but if you show us the brush first, we will enjoy your attention for short brushing sessions! We do have a few differences, especially in appearance (although we are both beautiful). I am Cookie—a 12-pound, snowshoe/ragdoll mix with blue flecked eyes—and I love to groom you with kitty kisses! And I am Miss Kitty—a 9-pound, long-haired, tuxedo with gold eyes—and I tend to be very cautious in new settings but will warm up to you with lots of conversation and petting! We are quiet and reserved kitties, who have lived with other cats and get along with them, but we have had no exposure to dogs—they will likely be too exuberant for us! To learn more about us and meet us, contact Safe Place for Pets on the web ( or by phone (719-359-0201)—let’s work together to turn our “temporary” home into a fur-ever home with you!

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