Meet Cooper:

Adoption Date: 6/14/2019

Intake Date: 5/28/2019

Adoption Announcement – 6/14/2019

Hello, everyone – it’s me, Cooper!! Just wanted to let you know I have a new forever home and family!! You may have seen the recent post showing me having fun and playing ball, but let me catch you up on what’s been going on…

When I came to Safe Place for Pets and they took me for my Wellness exam at @Fillmore Veterinary Hospital, wonderful Dr. Cor said I needed some major dental work and boy was he right! I lost the majority of my teeth, but I’m happy to report, I feel AMAZING now! Before my dental work, I was incredibly mellow and slept most of the time. Now that I’m feeling better – and have a very active family – I’ve certainly done a 180!

I now have a mom, dad, three human siblings and two cat siblings named Stormy and Cloudy! Everyone LOVES me — with the exception of Stormy and Cloudy, but we’ve come to a “truce,” and will work on becoming buddies. The kids wanted a dog for a long time now (mom says they’ve done the “ugly cry” with big tears!) and the family has some allergies so they really needed a dog like me. Lucky for us all, their church friend saw my post and shared it on her Facebook page, and the family found me!!

When the Safe Place volunteer brought me to start pre-adopt she saw a first – the family welcomed me with a “Welcome” sign on the porch and an acrostic using my name where first letter of each line spelled out a word and they taped it in the front window – how incredibly special and thoughtful is that?! They are all wonderful and I love being with them! They play with me, take me for walks, took me to my brother’s baseball game (where I kept mom warm!) and they bought me a “Superman” harness (and a ton of other things) at PetSmart so there will be more pictures of “Super Cooper!” coming soon!

The Safe Place volunteer asked my siblings what the “best thing” about having me is and they said:

  • 10 year old brother: “We finally get to play with a four-legged animal that doesn’t just lie around on the couch all day!! (referring to Stormy and Cloudy – lol!!)”
  • 9 year old sister: “Our prayers have been answered and we finally have a dog!! Oh, and he’s also very soft and fluffy!”
  • 4 year old brother: “I like that Cooper loves his new owl!!”

So, hopefully this story, and the pictures, really demonstrate how very HAPPY we all are! My incredible foster mom, Kim, helped me during my transition to my new home and recovery of my dental procedure and I can’t thank her enough! Also, THANK YOU to Dr. Cor and @Fillmore Veterinary Hospital for making my mouth feel so much better so I could be healthy and happy for my new family!

Adoption Bio – 5/28/2019

Hi there, I’m Cooper! You can call me Coop if you want, either way, I will wag my tail faster than you’ve ever seen if you call my name! My paperwork says that I am a miniature poodle, but my old family called me a Bichon Frise. Regardless, can guarantee that I am very fluffy and barely shed. I came to Safe Place because my mom became sick, and she wanted me to find my forever home with a new family that will love me very much. I love being around kids, but I am not sure how I’d do with other dogs or cats. I am a big love ball with humans though! If there is a person near me, I want to be right next to them and give them tons of love & licks.

If you come to meet me (which I hope you do!) I will greet you by rubbing on your legs and I hope you greet me with tons of belly rubs… those are my favorite! I absolutely love squeaky toys, and I will spin around in circles when I hear them. Even though my foster mom is taking great care of me, I am super excited to meet a new family that might be my forever home. If you are interested in meeting me, call (719) 359-0201, or e-mail In the mean time, I will be wagging my tail and getting treats from my foster mom!

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