Meet Crystal

Adoption Announcement – 12/31/2016

Crystal has been adopted!

Crystal our 4 year old Female Chihuahua was adopted on 12/31 New Years Eve by Jennifer and her mom who live in a house in the mountains with 2 acres, and a fenced in back yard. Although an only dog child who lived with her ailing father, Crystal quickly learned how to adapt to her large family and is having a great time with her Chihuahua sisters, Sasha and Allie. We knew that Crystal would bloom like a flower once she found a forever home. She seemed to be shy at first but I think she was sizing up each family member who welcomed her with open arms. It did not take her long. She loves all the attention and attention she gets. Jennifer her new mom sends us pictures and videos daily and we can see Crystal running and jumping with her sisters in her new outfits and pearls.

Many thanks to Linda P, Crystals foster mommy who helped to prepare her for a new forever home.

What a great way to start the new Year! A very happy and healthy 2017 to everyone.

Most importantly congratulations to our Crystal who knew within a week that she found a wonderful, generous mom and family. We are so very happy Crystal that you found a forever home, a very loving and caring mom, grandma, aunt, uncle, cousins and two sisters.

Adoption Bio – 12/8/2016

Crystal is a 4 year old female short haired Chihuahua. She was an only dog when she lived with her late father. Crystal is a very sweet, quiet girl who doesn’t really bark, is tender, and also playful, enjoying a good game of chase. However, as with many small dogs, sudden moves make her nervous.

Under the loving and gentle hands of her foster, Crystal is getting more acclimated to her new surroundings. She is also getting to spend time with other small dogs at her home, and is doing just fine with her new roommates. Crystal used to sleep on the bed with her dad, but at her foster’s house she likes to sleep in her doggie bed in the bedroom. Crystal is a healthy gal, has good teeth and is up-to-date on her shots. She is on a low-fat diet which our vet recommends she continue in order to keep her healthy and allergy free. She had stomach and allergy issues in the past, and the change of diet has solved these concerns.

While Crystal is adjusting to her new situation, she is still grieving the loss of her human and her home. We believe once she finds her new forever parent(s), she will blossom and show her full personality once again. Will you be her holiday miracle?

Adoption Date: 12/31/2016 

Intake Date: 12/8/2016 

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