Meet Daisy:

Adoption Date: 1/14/2018

Intake Date: 11/27/2017

Adoption Announcement – 1/14/2017

Hello everyone and happy “National Dress Up Your Pet Day”!  My name is Daisy, and as you can see, my mommy accessorized me with a pretty bandana to celebrate the holiday AND it’s also my adoption day!!  I have dealt with a lot in my short life – I’d been adopted by my previous dad, who then sadly passed away; his amazing hospice nurse so kindly took me in for a bit (even though she was 8 months pregnant!); then I went to stay with Laurel, my incredibly loving Safe Place for Pets foster mom and that’s where I truly “blossomed” again!  When I came to stay with Laurel, I was quite overweight!  Thankfully, Laurel keeps active and she got me walking around the neighborhood and I have really slimmed down!  Laurel and her boyfriend also played with my squeaky toys with me – I have a lot of them and love playing with them!  It was wonderful to have a nice, safe home to spend the holidays, but then 2018 came along and this happy new year brought my new wonderful mom and dad into my life!

My mom is recently retired and saw me on PetFinder.com and she and my dad drove from Rye, CO to Colorado Springs to meet me!  We had an instant connection – I absolutely LOVE having my belly rubbed and they were happy to oblige so things started off well!  They were looking for an only dog to do some traveling with and mom wanted a walking companion, which Laurel prepared me for!  As much as I loved and appreciated my time with Laurel, I was very excited to jump into my family’s truck and head to my new home!  They joked that they were ‘driving Miss Daisy,’ and I’m so grateful they did!

What’s my life like now?  In a word: FANTASTIC!  Sure, I missed Laurel and was a little nervous the first night and I paced a lot, but then I got to sleep in bed by mom and all was well!  I’m quite “spoiled” as dad says – I really don’t like it when mom leaves and will whimper at the door, but I’m thrilled when she returns and give her one of my signature “howls” to tell her how glad I am she’s home!  I’m loving my new food (complete with a little grated cheese on top – YUM!); mom and I go on 3 walks a day and dad joins us on one AND I have two incredible decks to watch deer, squirrels and birds – this place is heaven on earth!  My dad says that on a scale of 1 to 10, I’m a “9 ½,” – hey, I’ll take it – nobody’s perfect!  I’m just a happy, sweet, calm, loving girl and I’m beyond thrilled we all found one another!  We’re excited about our many adventures together, including traveling this summer in our camper to visit mom’s family on the east coast and up to Maine!

Safe Place for Pets is very grateful to the sweet Gentiva hospice nurse who provided her initial safe haven, and then to Daisy’s wonderful foster, Laurel, who opened her heart and home to this precious girl!  Thank you also to the volunteers for the snuggly fleece blanket!  Everyone at Safe Place for Pets wishes the family an absolutely incredible life together!!

Adoption Bio Update – 12/18/2017

Hello!  Daisy here to tell you a little more about me!  Last week, I was evaluated by a professional dog trainer and guess what – she believes I am an Akita mix, which seems pretty cool to me!!  If you know about Akitas, we have some really great traits including being very affectionate with family members, which describes me to a tee!  We are also powerful, often independent and a pretty dominant breed – and I guess these adjectives also describe me!  That being said, the trainer believes my best family will be experienced dog owner(s) and that I will thrive as an only dog (so we can shower one another with affection!!) OR, I might do OK with a male dog buddy, if he is very laid back and will let me be in charge!  Though I LOVE walks/hikes and I’m good walking on a leash “past” other dogs (it’s pretty easy to get my attention and distract me!), I’m not a good “dog park” or off leash gal.  The trainer says I am a super smart gal and pretty obedient gal, if you are someone who is willing to work with me a little, I promise you I will be an absolutely amazing companion for many years to come since I’m only a ‘baby’ at age 2!

Please meet me and give me a chance to show you what a wonderful girl I am!!  Safe Place for Pets can be reached by calling 719-359-0201 or emailing info@safeplacepets.org.  I am so ready and excited for my forever home so please call today!

Adoption Bio –

Hello, I’m Daisy!  I’m a very pretty two year old, female “mix” (perhaps some hound because of my “howly” bark though I rarely bark).  I was adopted from the Humane Society by my elderly dad, who just passed away and now I’m all alone.  I’m “medium” sized and probably weigh about 50-60 lbs., but I’m quite “thick” and need a good diet and lots of exercise to help me slim down.  My wonderful foster mom lives near a park and has been walking me, which I LOVE!  I love to sniff every bush for a couple of blocks, but then I pick up the pace and do more walking than sniffing.  I wear a harness because I am strong, but the 9 and 10 year old neighbor kids used to walk me so I don’t pull too awfully hard.

I am very sweet with people and I LOVE belly rubs!!  I will just lie frozen for as long as you’ll rub my belly!  I also love TOYS!  Stuffed animals are my favorite and I like to have several around me to choose from – after all, choices are great!  Another thing I love to do is lie in the sun – especially this time of the year when it’s cold outside!  For such a young lady, I’m very calm in the house (and I have a crate), but sometimes will dig in the yard if you just leave me out there alone for long periods of time.  What I need is an active, loving home with people who are around and want to be with me, take me places, help socialize me with other dogs as I think I’d really like to have a friend to play with, but since I’ve been an “only dog,” I may need my new family to help me with some training and be patient to ensure I can be friendly and confident with other dogs.

I’d really love to find my forever home with a family who will love me and let me love them.  Is that you?  I know the holidays are a special time and I really think you’d find me to be a wonderful “gift”!!  If you think I might be the one for you, please contact Safe Place for Pets by emailing them at info@safeplacepets.org or calling 719-359-0201.  Looking forward to meeting you!!

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