Update –

Mama and Daisy are doing great.

Mama has gotten over her shyness and now says hello to all visitors. Daisy is still shy with visitors but making progress, showing her precious self to people who visit often, staying where she can make a hasty retreat. But she’s a sweetie when we’re here alone, wanting lots of attention. They are a great fit for me. Here are Mama (comfy on Sue’s lap) and Daisy showing off her cute self.

Not only did Safe Place fix me up with the perfect kitties, you also found a perfect home for my Audrey (dog) and I get to see her every now and then. Her new mom brought her for a visit in June and our reunions are wonderful for both of us. It makes me so happy to know she loves her new family and they clearly adore her.

**We are so happy we have been able to help Sue rehome her pup, Audrey, and help her find 2 great fits for her life to keep her company.

Adoption Announcement – 9/29/14


Adoption Date: 9/29/14

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