Meet DaisyMaisy

Adoption Date: 1/17/2017

Intake Date: 12/13/2016

Adoption Announcement – 1/17/2017

Daisy Maisy has found her forever home

and will now be known as MaiZy with a ‘Z’ for the rest of her life. Maizy’s story is something out of a storybook. She came to Safe Place for Pets via her aunt after her mother passed away after a long illness. Her mom told her daughter before dying that she wanted to have her Daisy euthanized because she was sure that no 14-year-old cat would ever find another loving home. Fortunately, Maizy’s aunt, who works with German Shepherds, took Maizy to her personal vet, Dr. Rachel Fitzgerald, who told her that she could find nothing wrong with her other than a need for a couple of teeth to be extracted. What a tragedy it would be to euthanize a loving, healthy cat just because of her age! Moreover, she knew of Safe Place for Pets and directed Maizy’s aunt to us. When she called Safe Place, she herself was somewhat concerned and asked us if we thought it was possible for a cat that age to be adopted. Was she ever wrong!

Maizy was in the Safe Place for Pets cattery for barely three weeks before her new mom, Deborah, called and said that she wanted her. (Of course by then she had stolen all our hearts.) She had seen her on the SP4P website (safeplacepets.org) and fallen in love with her sweet face. She also liked the idea that she was an older cat who would not have to be trained. So much for age being a problem! Maizy now has a small core family (her mom and dad), but a large extended family! There are 9 grandchildren in and out of the house. Maizy loves everybody, but has formed a special bond with the 6-year-old grandson. The first day that she met him, Daisy curled up on the pillow behind his head and refused to budge. She loves to be petted and loved, and when she hears her name while her mom is talking on the phone, she immediately jumps up into her lap to find out what is being said about her. She loves laps, head butts, and kisses, and there is no doubt in her mind as to who rules the roost. She likes to sleep in the linen closet and has no qualms about shoving the towels off the shelf to make room. She also loves to chitter at the birds on the balcony just outside Deborah’s bedroom. Also, she thinks that the computer is a great toy. Deborah enjoys playing “Words with Friends,” and Maizy thinks that she ought to play along. So periodically Deborah has to tell her friends that the crazy mixture of letters that just showed up on their screen was Maizy’s word, not hers. How wonderful for Maizy and her new family that a caring vet and aunt kept this sweet cat from an untimely death. She has indeed found her forever home, and those of us at Safe Place for Pets wish both Daisy and all her family many, many years of love and companionship.

Many thanks to Maizy’s aunt for her generous payment of all of Abby’s vet bills and to her adopter for her donation! And many thanks as well to Cook Animal Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) for ensuring Daisy’s good health and readiness for her new forever home! Thank you too to Shandra and the other Safe Place volunteers for the Snuggly blanket for Maizy to enjoy. And a huge, huge thank you for Dr. Fitzgerald and for saving Maizy’s life!

Adoption Bio – 12/13/2016

Hi, I’m Daisy Maisy! Of course my official name is just Daisy, but Daisy Maisy is what my mom always called me. I am a 14 year-old female spayed tortoiseshell domestic medium hair with claws.

You might think that Daisy is an old-fashioned name, but if you look at my sweet face you’ll see that it suits me perfectly! And I’m an old-fashioned kind of girl anyhow, not one of those pushy types. Don’t get me wrong, I like people just fine, but I am a lady through and through, and I’m the choosy type! So I tend to hang back just a bit and get to know people before I decide whether they are worthy of my friendship. But once I decide to give my heart, I give it completely. I used to like to snuggle up next to my mom on the couch and sleep with her at night and I love being petted, especially in that wonderful spot under my ears. Heaven…. I also like to play with my toys, especially that long stick with the feathers on a string. And I just love to look out of windows and lie in front of them in the sun. I’m really good at following the sun around from window to window during the day. After all, flowers need the sun!

I’ve been feeling really confused for a long time now with my mom being sick, and now she’s gone forever, and I’m lonely! Could you be that someone special that I could give my heart to? Won’t you come by the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center at 1141 Manitou Avenue and meet me so that we could find out? The nice folks here would be happy to make an appointment to introduce us!

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