Meet Eddie

Want to get a jump on Black Cat Appreciation Day on August 17th? No need to wait until then to adopt a black cat when I know 2 perfect black cats ready to be your new pals! Eddie, here, speaking for Jesse (my buddy) and myself to introduce ourselves to you and entice you to add a bonded pair of beautiful (that’s Jesse) and handsome (c’est moi!) black cats to your family. We recently lost our mom and are new arrivals at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center. It’s quite nice for a temporary home, but we are really looking forward to finding a new forever home and family soon.

I am a 5-year-old, 12-pound, neutered male with shiny black fur and big gold eyes. Jesse is 8 years old, spayed, and 8.5 pounds, with green eyes that just sparkle against her shiny black fur! I tend to be the more relaxed and outgoing one, but once Jesse gets to know you and is confident in her surroundings, she is just as outgoing and very affectionate, too! We are indoor-only kitties, who enjoy lying in the sun, playing with orange pipe cleaner circles, and snuggling together on a soft blanket when we aren’t snuggling with our people. Jesse’s favorite lounging pose is on her back with all four paws in the air, basking in a sunny spot, of course. I really like cardboard scratchers, and raisin bran—I would love to share a bowl with you! Let’s get together, so we can disprove all those silly black cat superstitions and have a happy life together! Contact Safe Place for Pets on the web ( or by phone (719-359-0201)—hope to meet you soon!

Age: 5
Sex: M
Size: Medium
Declawed: N
Location: Cattery

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