Meet Eric

Adoption Date: 7/5/2017

Intake Date: 12/17/2015

Adoption Announcement – 7/5/2017

Eric, the Safe Place for Pets beloved longtime cattery resident and mascot has finally found his forever home.

Hi, your old friend Eric here, and guess what! This will be the last time you hear from me or see my handsome face. After months and months of being the best man but never the groom, I have finally found my forever home. None of us could understand why no one had fallen in love with me. I mean, just look at me! Our cattery volunteers used to call me the Tom Selleck of the cattery, and the daughter of one of our volunteers calls me Sir Eric because I am such a regal gentleman.

But that’s all I the past! Now I have a new mom and two Jack Russel Terrier sisters named Millie and Izzie. I don’t know that Izzie and I will really ever be friends. She would like to be, but gets so excited that she forgets how to be a proper lady and mind her manners. Millie, on the other hand, is more refined. She also wants to be best buds, but unlike Izzie she realizes that I don’t want her up close and personal. If she gets to uppity, I hiss or growl at her a bit and she realizes that she needs to back off. I realize that she is not interested in chasing me, and she knows that I am not going to hurt her, so we have kind of an understanding. Maybe someday we’ll get to be true friends. Time will tell.

My new mom is fantastic in (almost) every way. I say ‘almost,’ because she makes me take pills, and what self-respecting cat likes that?! But she really loves me. What’s more, she works from home, so I’m almost never without her! We have a routine. When she gets up in the morning, I tag along with her wherever she goes and tell her exactly what she needs to do and how and when to do it. Mom calls me Mr. Talksalot, especially at mealtime. She calls that feeding the zoo, and it’s a major exercise. She really needs my help then. Not only do I have to make sure that we each get exactly the right food, but there are also the medications to deal with. Poor Millie is sick, so she gets lots of special stuff, and I need to make sure that Mom doesn’t forget anything. Millie might not be my best friend yet, but I kinda-sorta like her and want her to feel better. Also, I sure don’t want Mom to get mixed up and give me Millie’s meds! My own are bad enough. You can see why I have so much to say. I honestly don’t know how Mom got along before I came to help her. Once the morning chores are done, Mom settles down to work and I take a well-deserved catnap. Once the workday (for Mom) is over, it’s feeding time at the zoo again before we relax for the evening. I need to nag Mom to make sure that she eats also and takes good care of herself though. Humans. What would they do without us to take care of them?

But as you can see, I am one happy cat. The Safe Place cattery was nice and all the volunteers loved me and miss me, but there is nothing like having a true home with one special mom…and sisters…who love me.

Many thanks to Bailey, the daughter of one of the many Safe Place for Pets volunteers, for her generous donation to SP4P on behalf of Eric. And many thanks to Dublin Animal Hospital and Cook Animal Hospital for caring for Eric and ensuring that he was healthy and ready for his new home. Our thanks as well to the Safe Place volunteers for the snuggly for Eric to enjoy. Eric has been a beloved resident of the Safe Place for Pets cattery in Manitou Springs, and as much as we all will miss him, we wish him, his new mom, and his two canine sisters many years of happiness together.

Adoption Bio – 12/17/2015

Hi! I’m Eric, an 11 year old neutered male with claws, and I weigh around 9 lbs. I was an indoor/outdoor cat when I lived with my human dad, but these days I am content to lay in front of an open window on warm days with the sun hitting my coat, especially in a chair(I am good about sleeping on towels and blankets so I don’t turn your furniture into furr-niture!) I am a handsome fellow with my silver-grey coat and yellow eyes and rugged good looks. I still like to play with toys like laser lights and string with paper on the end of it, and if you walk by and I want attention, I will reach out and ‘paw’ your leg as you pass. All I need is a little scratch on my head or a hello, and I’m happy. I am not a Lap Cat, but I do like a good petting, and will stretch up and place my paws on your leg to make it easier for you to do so when you are seated! I will walk away when I am done.

I can be good around other cats, having befriended some of the shy ones here at Safe Place, but I am not good around all cats, especially bossy ones.

I do have a special kibble I eat, but my Vet says I am happy and healthy, so please, won’t you give me an opportunity to be the kind of guy you are looking for?

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