Meet Felicia:

Adoption Date: 1/24/2018

Intake Date: 1/3/2018

Adoption Announcement – 1/24/2018

Hi there, remember me? My name is Felicia, which means happy, and I can now happily 😸 tell you that it suits me once again! I introduced myself a few weeks ago, so you may remember the story of my terribly Un-Merry Christmas. My prior dad died in early December, then my prior mom slipped, broke her hip, and never woke up. I was alone in the house and miserable. I was frightened and couldn’t understand what was happening to me. Even after I came to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center, where I had a nice kennel and volunteers to pet me and love me, I just couldn’t get over what had become of my life. Although I liked being petted, the other cats scared me so I just stayed huddled in my kennel.


My NEW mom came! She had lost her beloved cat Boaz a year ago and even though she was sure that she would never get another cat, she discovered that she couldn’t live without one. So she asked Buxton Animal Hospital, who had cared for Boaz until he died, if they had any cats for adoption. They didn’t, but suggested that she call Safe Place for Pets. So she did! When she told the Safe Place volunteer that she was looking for a quiet, sweet cat who would love her and sit on her lap and sleep with her, the volunteer knew exactly who to suggest. Me! So the next day, Mom came to meet me. It was love at first sight for both of us. I came out of my kennel and sat on her lap and she petted me for a long time. Mom told the volunteer that I was “the one.” So the three of us came back to Mom’s apartment to see how things would go. Well. When I walked out of my carrier, the Safe Place lady could not believe that I was the same cat. She had told Mom that I would probably need to find a place to hide for a few days, but I knew without a doubt that I was home. I’ve never looked back. Mom lives in a really nice retirement community that allows pets, and everybody knows me and is glad to see how happy Mom is to have me. It’s a small apartment, perfect for one wonderful lady and her little gray cat. We sit together and watch TV or read, and at night I sleep with Mom. I startled Mom that first night by waking up at 3:00 and deciding that the two of us needed to have a long conversation. She says that I am the most talkative cat that she has ever known, and is delighted about it. Pretty soon I am going to be able to go out onto Mom’s little deck and enjoy some fresh air. The nice man at the retirement community is going to put wire mesh around the deck so that Mom won’t be afraid that I will accidentally fall. I wouldn’t of course, but isn’t it nice that they would do that?

So as I said at the beginning, my name suits me again! I was so unhappy, and now I am so very, very happy. As a matter of fact, when the volunteer from Safe Place came by today to finalize my adoption, I hid! I like the people in Mom’s community and am happy to have them pet me, but when I heard this lady’s, voice I recognized it from Safe Place. And there was no way that I was going to let her take me back to the Welcome Center. I am home, and home I will stay.

I want to say a big thank you to Buxton Animal Hospital for telling Mom about Safe Place. As it turns out, Buxton is a partner vet with Safe Place for Pets. That’s how they knew that Mom would find a nice cat there. I also want to thank Another Safe Place partner vet, Cook Veterinary Hospital, for making sure that I was healthy and ready to go to my new home. And I absolutely love the beautiful snuggly blanket that the Safe Place volunteers made. Thank you everybody!

Adoption Bio – 1/3/2018

Hello there, my name is Felicia, and I am a new resident at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center in Manitou Springs. I am a petite (only 7.10 pounds!) 10-year-old gray female spayed Domestic Shorthair with claws. People tell me that I have a sweet face and that my fur is wonderfully soft.

As I mentioned, my name is Felicia, which is a girl’s name that comes from an old word that means “happy.” Well I’m not feeling very happy now! It’s been a terrible Christmas for me and for my two aunts. Our dad died in early December, and as if that weren’t bad enough, at the end of December my mom slipped and broke her hip. She hasn’t opened her eyes since, and they say that she is going to die as well 😿. Mom was my special person, and I am heartbroken! I used to love to sit on her lap during the day and sleep with her at night. I’m also scared! I was alone in the house, and even though my aunts and Mom and Dad’s next door neighbors came in to take care of me, everything had changed. And now I’m here at the Welcome Center, and although the volunteers are really nice to me, it’s just one more change in my life! I’m not used to different people and other cats. I’m a shy girl by nature anyway, so all I really want to do is hide. I’m sure that I’ll feel better once I get used to things. Maybe once I’m more myself I’ll come back and tell you how much better I feel! Would you like that?

I’d love to find another forever home, maybe one where there are no dogs (ugh!) and there would be someone sweet and loving who would welcome a sweet little gray cat into their heart and lap. Do you think you might be able to do that? I promise – crossed paws! – that if you love me I’ll love you back! Then my name would finally suit me again after this long Christmas season that has been anything but merry. If you’d like to come meet me, you can give the Safe Place folks a call at (719) 359-0201 or email info@safeplacepets.org and make an appointment to come to the Welcome Center. Won’t you please make me happy again?


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