Meet Ginger:

Adoption Date: 1/24/2018

Intake Date: 12/20/2017

Adoption Announcement – 1/24/2018

Hello again, Ginger here to share my wonderful adoption story!  In case you don’t remember me, I’m a very sweet 9 year old Yorkie/Pomeranian mix who lost both my dad (to cancer) and my mom (she is wheelchair bound and couldn’t keep me) right before Christmas so it was a scary time for me!  Luckily, I went to an incredible foster home for a few days and then I moved into what is now my forever home and life is so great again!  My new mom and grandma are great and they think I am so cute (which I am!!)!  I am also living with my new “brother” — a very cool cat named Keoni who is not at all afraid of me – in fact, I chase him, but he doesn’t seem to mind!  When we’re done playing, we sometimes relax on the sofa near one another – AND, Keoni and I both sleep on mom’s bed!  Keoni doesn’t stay all night, but I sure do!  I just love snuggling up with mom and even try to sleep right next to her pillow!

Another thing I love is my huge, fenced backyard!  I have tons of room to run around, but that creates a slight challenge right now because if I go out without my leash, I take off running playing a game of ‘chase,’ which I think is so fun!  I love when my mom and her sister (a long-time Safe Place for Pets volunteer and the one who told my mom about me!) ‘chase’ me…though I don’t think they enjoy the game nearly as much as I do!  So, they’re going to get me a really long lead so I can still run, but will come back more quickly when it’s time to come in the house!  My only other “flaw” is that I can be very bossy!!  When I think it’s time to eat or for a treat, I am not shy about barking and letting everyone know it!!  So, as I said, my life is GREAT again!  I am so fortunate to be with people who love and spoil me like I am used to – see how relaxed and at peace I look?!  I even have a piece of my dad here with me as he painted a beautiful picture that came to my new home with me for all of us to enjoy!

Safe Place for Pets is very grateful to Ginger’s wonderful fosters, Crystal and Kevin, and to Dr. Barb Buxton at Buxton Veterinary Hospital (a fantastic Safe Place for Pets partner!) for the incredible care Ginger received for her much needed dental work!  Incidentally, Ginger’s new mom and aunt most likely were the Safe Place for Pets volunteers that made her snuggly fleece blanket so isn’t that ironic?!  Congratulations again to Ginger and her loving new family!!

Adoption Bio – 12/20/2017

Hi everyone, my name is Ginger!  I’m a very sweet 9 year old, female, spayed Yorkie/Pomeranian mix and I need a new forever home!  My dad and mom took me home with them when I was just a puppy and I lived with them my whole life – until recently.  My dad has passed away and my mom is wheelchair bound and cannot care for me by herself.  This is all such a change for me – my dad took me everywhere with him so I love riding in the car!  I also love cuddling, loved sleeping with my dad and he walked me several times each day so I am missing all of those things.

I am a healthy girl and weigh about 12 lbs, but really should be about 10 lbs so some walking will do me good.  I’m good with most other dogs (at 9 years old, I really don’t “love” hyper, jumpy or bossy dogs, but hey, who does?!?!) so I could be happy as an only dog or with a sweet doggy friend.  I have a little experience with cats and while I am curious about them, I am also smart enough to maintain a bit of distance!  I bark a little when the front doorbell rings and I love to run in the yard after squirrels, but I am not overly barky.

I also love kids!  I am small so I need ones who will be gentle with me, but I think kids are great!  I am hoping I will find my forever home and family soon because that’s what I’m used to – a stable home with loving people.  If you would like to meet me, please contact Safe Place for Pets by emailing them at or calling 719-359-0201.  Although I am cute in my pictures, I’m even cuter (and more cuddly!) in person!!


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