Meet Goofy:

Adoption Date: 12/17/2018

Intake Date: 9/27/2017

Adoption Announcement – 12/17/2018

Hello everyone! My name is Aggie (formerly Goofy), short for Agatha, and I would like to share my happy news. More than a year after my prior mom died and I came to Safe Place for Pets, I have finally found my happily furever-after home! It was a long road for me. Even though I loved the volunteers at the Welcome Center, I was afraid of the other cats and hid from them or climbed up on top of the kennels to be by myself. I was in several foster homes, but nothing ever worked out quite right. UNTIL! After sharing her home with me for several months, one of our devoted Safe Place volunteers found my new family! Mom had never had a cat before, but she, my new dad and my (human) brother were willing to go out on a limb and foster me. After a bit we all realized that we had been a family waiting to happen. Mom told the Safe Place for Pets volunteer that I was a part of their lives and they couldn’t imagine being without me. And who am I to argue? I’m home to stay!

There are a lot of people who helped me along the way. I’d like to thank all the fosters who opened their homes and hearts to me during my search for my family, especially the Safe Place for Pets volunteer who loved me and let me stay with her despite her five other pets who wanted her attention as well and who found my family for me! I’d also like to thank the wonderful vets at Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets partner vet) for helping me stay healthy along the way. It’s been a long road home, but home I am. What a blessing!


Hello again, Goofy here.  It’s been quite a while since I’ve checked in.  Things have really been a roller coaster for me!  I was doing better at the Safe Place for Pets facility, but then started getting really stressed by the other cats and I started losing weight and hiding more.  I’ve been in a couple of foster homes since, and am in one now that has other cats and I’m very unhappy about it!

Though my foster is so sweet to me, I need to be in a home with someone home most of the time that has NO other pets.  I am such a lap kitty and need your time and attention or I stop eating and have other issues.

Do you know someone retired or just home a lot that has a quiet home with no other pets?  Fostering is absolutely perfect for someone who doesn’t want to take on full time pet ownership because Safe Place for Pets provides all my food, litter, litter box, and of course, they pay ANY AND ALL vet bills — and we all know how expensive those can be!! 

If you would like to be my foster (and hero), please contact Eve Jones at 719-325-9748. Thank you!

Bio Update:

** Ask About My Special Adoption Donation **

Hello again, Goofy (or sometimes Goofy Girl) here. It hasn’t been too long since I first introduced myself after coming to Safe Place for Pets, and I’d like to tell everyone how much has changed since then!

The biggest thing is that I’m not hiding anymore. I’ve moved from one of the upper story kennels down to one one the ground floor so that I can easily come and go as I wish. That is really great, because whenever one of the Safe Place volunteers comes into the room I come out to get some attention and petting. They say that I have blossomed into a sweet, friendly kitty. I was so frightened when I first came to the Welcome Center that no one realized what a gem I am. They do now!

I also like being able to come and go easily because sometimes I get a little overwhelmed by the the other cats and with my kennel on the ground floor it’s a snap for me to scuttle back in and take a nap or have a snack.

Finally, now that I’m not scared anymore , I can hop up to the top of the kennels whenever I want. It’s about 7 feet off the ground and there are several kitty condos up there where I can snuggle up and watch everything that is going on around me.

I never would have believed it when I first got here, but the Welcome Center is a pretty neat place to be, especially considering all the loving that I get. It sure beats being alone in my prior mom’s house after they took her away! But I’d still rather be in a forever home where I can have that special someone – or a whole family – who I could love and would love me back. Won’t you come by the Welcome Center and meet this Goofy Girl? I’m sure you won’t regret it. All you have to do is email Safe Place for Pets at or call 359-0201 to make an appointment. I’d love to see you – and have you see me!

Adoption Bio – 9/27/2017

Hello there. My name is Goofy, and I’m a 13-year-old female spayed Domestic Shorthair with claws. I’m a pretty little thing with my gray tabby markings separated by large patches of white with a white face and pink nose. I’m a quiet lady and love nothing more than to sit on my mom’s lap or sleep next to her in bed. I’m quieter than ever right now because my whole life has been turned upside down and I’m scared and confused by it all. I knew that my prior mom was sick, but then she got really sick and couldn’t get up. It was terrible, and before I knew what was happening, men with big boots and coats broke into my house and took Mom away! And then I was alone in the house for weeks. My mom’s daughter, who loves me very much, came by to make sure that I had food and water, but I really didn’t feel like eating or drinking. I was just too scared and stressed. They tell me that I’m underweight now, and let me tell you, stress and loneliness are no way for a lady to lose weight! Even now that I’m here at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center, I’m still frightened and hide under my prior mom’s pillow. I like to be petted, but am too shy to come out to get it. I need a forever home where I can feel safe and loved again. I’m tired of being sad and scared.

I told you that my name is Goofy, but I’ve had several names over the course of my life. My brother, who died a number of years ago, and I came to mom from a friend of hers who found us in a garage that was about to be torn down. She wanted good old-fashioned farm names for us, so she named us Harold and Agatha. Well, Harold eventually became Punk. I became Goose because when I was a kitten I used to like to pounce on my prior mom’s daughter’s feet, and she called my Silly Goose or Goosey Girl. I was Goose until my Mom went away and the lady from Safe Place for Pets made an appointment for me to go to the vet to get my shots (ycch!) and be checked out. When she made the appointment, the lady at the vet’s office misunderstood what she said and wrote my name down as Goof. As it turns out, that was for the best, because there used to be another cat at the Welcome Center named Goose. She was there for a long time before she died of kidney disease, and everyone loved her very, very much. It would have been very hard for them to have a different cat with the same name. So, since Goof sounds a lot like Goose, it seemed like a great idea to call me that, or better yet, Goofy or Goofy Girl. I really don’t care what you call me as long as you love me! Won’t you please come to the Welcome Center to meet me? You can email Safe Place at or call (719) 359-0201 to make an appointment to come meet me. I hope you do because I really, really need someone all my own who will cherish me.


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