Meet Gracie

Adoption Date: 7/6/2017

Intake Date: 4/17/2017

Adoption Announcement – 7/6/2017

Hi everyone, it’s Gracie again!!

I’ve had a wonderful summer and I wanted to tell you about it and my new forever home in beautiful Loveland!!  After my mom died, I stayed with other family for a bit, but they were allergic to my fur and dander so they called Safe Place for Pets who came to my aid!  I first went to stay with my amazing foster, Elaine, and she brushed me and walked me and treated me so wonderfully!  She said I am so sweet and mellow and she knew I’d find a new home very quickly and she was right!  When I met my wonderful new mom and her son named Blue, I’m pretty sure it was love at first sight for all of us, but I can certainly tell you, I adored Blue from the get go!  Not only is Blue the CUTEST brother, he’s also the best brother anyone could ask for – he is also very mellow and loves to just sit with me, pet me, talk to me and he always makes sure to give me kisses goodnight, which I love!  I really LOVE my life with my mom, Blue and my sister cat, Sage.  Sage and I love lying in the sun in the huge backyard together and we all love hanging out together at night, watching movies and snuggling!  Mom, Blue and I go for walks and on weekends, we often go to other family members’ farms and I get to really run while Blue and mom fish, hike, and have fun!  I know that I am an incredibly lucky girl and look forward to spending fun times and making special memories with my new family!!

Safe Place for Pets is very grateful to Gracie’s fantastic foster, Elaine, and to Buxton Veterinary Hospital (Safe Place for Pets vet partner) for their excellent veterinary care!  We also wish to include a very special thank you to 4 Paws Animal Clinic in Lakewood, CO, who provided care at no cost for Gracie’s teeth so the family didn’t have to travel all the way back to Colorado Springs!  Thank you also to the volunteers for the snuggly fleece blanket for Gracie to enjoy while the family’s snuggled up together!

Adoption Bio – 4/17/2017

Hello everyone!  My name is Gracie and I am an 11-year-old, female, spayed German Shepherd mix.  I am a perfect size – not too big or too small and weigh 45lbs.  I was rescued on the street as a puppy and was very happy until I recently lost both my mommy and daddy.  My human brother, his wife and their two young sons took me into their home, but some were allergic to me and I needed to be kept separated from the family.  They were sad because they couldn’t keep me, but they want me to have a wonderful new life and home so they called Safe Place for Pets to help!!  I’m in a wonderful foster home now and my foster mom says I am so sweet!  She has been walking me and says I have very good leash manners and do not pull.

I am great with other dogs, kids, and cats.  I am a wonderful house dog – I am house trained, don’t chew or bark, and am a very calm, loving and peaceful companion.  I am also great in a car and just lie down in the backseat while we’re on the go – hopefully to the dog park or somewhere fun!  Despite my age, I can keep up on long runs, and have even been known to catch a rabbit or two when given the opportunity!  My favorite greeting is to run to my family and bury my face between their legs – this is my way of giving hugs to those I love!!  Although happy to spend all day in my family’s company, I also enjoy spending time outside in the sunshine so I’d do best with a nice fenced yard.

I am looking for a forever home with a family with time to play with me, take me on walks and give me attention and affection. I am seeking the kind of unconditional love that I will be oh so happy to return!!  If you are in need of a companion, a family friend who will always listen to your every word, please consider me and contact Safe Place for Pets at 719-359-0201 or!!  I will be waiting for you and can’t wait to give you one of my very special hugs!!

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