Meet Gracie:

Adoption Date: 9/11/2017

Intake Date: 8/2/2017

Adoption Announcement: 9/11/2017

Hi, it’s Gracie again, here to tell you about my new furever home.

You may have seen the heartwarming story by Gracie the dog not long ago, but I am Gracie the cat. Personally, I think my own story even more heartwarming, but then it is a joyful occasion for the Safe Place for Pets folks whenever a Safe Place pet is adopted, so for them every story is a happy one.

But back to the important person: me of course. I came to Safe Place or Pets with my brothers and sisters at the beginning of August after our prior dad died, but now here I am, already happily settled in with my new family. And what a family we are! There is Mom and Dad of course, but I also have a sister and brother guinea pig (Ruby and Cleo), a hamster sibling (Squeaks), and a parakeet sister and brother (Sally and Jack). I guess you could say that my mom and dad like animals.

I first met my new mom when she came to the Safe Place Welcome Center looking for a cat to add to their menagerie. I think it was love at first sight for both of us. As soon as she sat down and started petting me, I knew that she was the one and she knew it too. She wanted a cat that was quiet enough not to frighten Sally and Jack, and I fit that bill (although none of us was sure until I went home with Mom and Dad to give it a try. She also wanted someone who was loving, and I am certainly that! I adore being petted and cuddled. I follow Mom and Dad everywhere they go in our house! I don’t really pay much attention to my brothers and sisters, and Sally and Jack are not bothered by me at all. Ruby and Cleo squeak at me sometimes when I walk by their cages, but that’s no big deal.

It’s really wonderful here. I love it when Mom or Dad open the blinds and the sun comes in. I like to lie on my back and bask in it. Did you know that cats are solar powered? I also like to sit on the windowsills and look outside. Also, Mom and Dad bought me a brand-new cat tree with a hammock on it! It’s great and I love to lie in it and take naps. I’m not huge on playing, but one thing that I absolutely cannot resist is string, especially shoelaces and the drawstrings on sweatshirts. I just have to chase it, which makes Mom and Dad laugh.

Do I sound like a happy cat? Because I most certainly am! I am so grateful to have found a new family where I can be loved and cherished and give that love right back. I do want to send a big thank you to my prior dad’s friends who came to our house to feed and take care of my brothers and sisters. They were the ones who found Safe Place for Pets and made this all possible. I’d also like to thank Dr. Hand at Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place Partner Vet) for making sure that I was healthy and ready to go to my new family just as soon as we found each other, and to the Safe Place volunteers who made my wonderful new snuggly. Thank you everybody!

Adoption Bio: 8/2/2017

Are you looking for a sweet, gentle companion? If so, I might be just what you are looking for. My name is Gracie, and an old-fashioned name of that sort suits me nicely, as I am a lady in the true old-fashioned sense of the word. I am a very pretty petite gray and white spayed Domestic medium-hair with claws. When I say petite, I am not exaggerating; I am only 7 pounds! But I’m not skinny; I’m just right for my size. I’m not entirely sure that I would call my fur medium-length; it is more soft and plush, somewhat like bunny fur. People say that I am a joy to touch.

Let me tell you just a bit about myself. Being the lady that I am, I am not at all pushy; as a matter of fact I am still feeling a bit shy and still prefer to retire to the back of my kennel behind my pillow where it’s nice and quiet. But the other day when one of the Safe Place volunteers moved the pillow so that I could see out into the room, I decided to come out and investigate. It was really nice! There were toys to play with, chairs with pillows on them to lie on, and a pillow on the ledge next to the window where you can curl up and watch the world go by. But best of all, I was able to jump up to the top of the kennels and keep an eye on what was going on in the room. There are cozy cat condos up there as well. I have the feeling that once settle in a bit more, I am going to really enjoy spending time out there. The ladies that were visiting us that day were completely captivated by how friendly and loving I was. As I said, I’m not demanding, but I do very much appreciate being petted and cuddled. Do you think that you might like to pet and cuddle me?
I came to Safe Place for Pets with my brothers and sisters because our dad died a few weeks ago. A very kind lady and her husband came and took care of us, but it wasn’t a home without Dad, and we were all kind of sad. I would really love to find a forever home of my own where I can find love again. As I mentioned, I lived with my brothers and sisters, so I wouldn’t mind sharing my home with another cat. By the way, although I said that I’m not pushy, I’m no pushover either. When one of my sisters hissed at me the other day, I hissed right back at her! I’ve never had anything to do with dogs, so I’m not sure about them, but we could try it and see. I really am a sweet, gentle lady and I’m sure that if you give me a chance I can win your heart. Won’t you please come to the Welcome Center to meet me? You can contact Safe Place for Pets by email at or by phone (719-359-0201) to make an appointment to come see me. I’ll be waiting.

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