Meet Gus-Gus:

Adoption Date: 5/4/2019

Intake Date: 1/23/2019

Adoption Announcement – 5/4/2019

Hi there, it’s Gus-Gus, back to crow about my own adoption and new forever home! As some of you may remember, I was adopted last December by a very nice couple, and we thought that everything was going to work out beautifully. Unfortunately, I reverted to Grumpy Gus and started being mean to my new feline brother, which was of course totally unfair to him. But Safe Place for Pets will always take one of its own back if an adoption does not work out, so back I came.

It was obvious that I needed to be an only cat, and that’s what I am now! Not only an only cat, but the ruler of the roost! I have my new mom wrapped around my paw, and she knows it. Not long ago she was eating French fries and made the mistake of turning her back on me for just a moment. By the time she turned back, I had snagged one of her fries. When she told me to give it back, I told her in no uncertain terms that it was mine. French fries are good 😸! Soon after that, she bought herself a nice new round brush for curling her hair. I found that too, and now it belongs to me. But she has one me over as much as I have her. There’s no Grumpy Gus in this household! I know the sound of her car and meet her at the door; I let her brush me, which astonishes the Safe Place volunteers who knew me before, and I sleep at the foot of her bed.

I am a new cat, and all because of Mom. I owe thank-you’s to more people than I can count: Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place partner vet) for making that I was healthy when I came to Safe Place, Dr. Ko at Powers Pet Emergency and Specialty for checking me out when I had a scare, to the Safe Place volunteers for putting up with “Grumpy Gus,” and to Mom’s daughter, a Safe Place volunteer, for playing matchmaker for me and Mom.

Adoption Bio – 1/23/2019

Hello, it’s Gus-Gus, and I’ve recently returned to Safe Place Feline Coordinator. For those of you who don’t already know me, I am a nine-year-old gray domestic longhair neutered male with no claws. As you can see from my pictures, I’m a handsome guy with my long gray fur!

I’m back at the Welcome Center because my adoption this past December did not work out the way we had all hoped it would. It wasn’t Mom or Dad’s fault; they were wonderful to me, but I just couldn’t get along with my new cat brother Emmer. At first, we got along great and had fun! We slept on the cat tree at the same time, with one of us taking each level, and at night we played together. Everything seemed wonderful. But something changed over the last few weeks, and I started being very mean to Emmer. I even pinned him to the ground a couple of times. It scared him and he started to be afraid to come out in case I attacked him again. I guess I can’t blame him for that! Mom and Dad were really sad to have to give me up, but Emmer was there first, and they wanted to ensure that neither of us got hurt.

So I am back and still seeking my furever home. Everyone at Safe Place for Pets agrees that the best home is where I can be the only pet. I’m really lucky that I was able to come back to Safe Place for Pets. Mom and Dad knew from the start that if things did not work out, Safe Place would always take me back. That’s a big thing for them; the motto is “Once a Safe Place pet, always a Safe Place pet.” Sometimes it just takes a few tries to find the right fit, and they are committed to finding just the right home for everyone. I know that the purrfect person for me is out there somewhere and we just have to find each other! I’m not really a lap cat, but I do like to sit at your feet once I get to know and trust you. I’m not big on toys either; what I really like is to sit next to a window and watch the birds and squirrels outside.

I’m hopeful that my story resonates with you and that you’ll come to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center in Colorado Springs to meet me and see if you might be my special person. It’s easy to make an appointment; all you need to do is either call the Safe Place for Pets phone at 719-359-0201 or email Come see what a handsome boy I am!

Original bio – 

Hi, my name is Gus-Gus. I am a beautiful 8-year-old male neutered gray domestic medium-long-haired fellow. I am an indoor-only cat, which is absolutely necessary because I have been declawed. Wouldn’t it be horrible if I were outside and something attacked me? I’d be helpless!

To tell you something about myself, unlike most cats at Safe Place for Pets, I am not a Colorado native. Yes, I have to admit that I’m another transplant. I really hope you won’t hold that against me though. I came here from sunny California two years ago with my prior mom. I was with her ever since I was a kitten, when she adopted me after someone abandoned me at the veterinary office where she worked. Don’t ask me how someone could do that; I’ll never know. Anyway, she named me Gus-Gus, maybe because I was small and gray. I’m told that Gus-Gus was the name of a mouse in the Walt Disney movie Cinderella. I’m no small mouse now, I can tell you that! I’m a strapping 15.14-pound guy, and a few years ago I was over 17 pounds. I guess you could say that I like to eat. The vet put me on a diet – the meany! – so now I’ve slimmed down some. But you can see from my pictures how handsome I am.

As far as my personality goes, I have to say that you have to have some patience with me. After living alone most of my life with my prior mom, I’m not really accustomed to being around people. So it may take me a while to warm up to you. I was with mom’s sister-in-law from November until just a few days ago, and it took me until just over a week or so ago to start to really trust her enough to be friendly. She really liked me, especially after that, but she has two other older cats and she didn’t think that we’d get along too well. Also, she says that although two cats are fine, three is a bit too much. I’m not really a lap cat, but I do like to sit at your feet once I get to know and trust you. I’m not big on toys either, EXCEPT those feathers on a stick that she dangles in front of me! I love to go after those. As a matter of fact, she’s had to replace them a few times because I like to shred them. I also like to sit next to the window and watch the birds and squirrels outside the house.

I’d really like to find a new forever home where I could settle in and learn to trust and love somebody again. Do you think you might want to come to the Safe Place Welcome Center In Colorado Springs and meet me? All you have to do is call 719-359-0201 or email to make an appointment. As I said, it can take me a while to warm up, but I promise that if you’re patient with me you won’t regret it!

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