Meet Heidi

Adoption Announcement – 4/21/2016

Safe Place for Pets is thrilled to announce Heidi (renamed Harlee) has found her forever home!

Harlee, the Miniature Pinscher, will be living down the street from her father, recently adopted Little Dude (formerly “Sampson”)! Harlee’s new family saw Little Dude and fell in love with him and when his mom told them his daughter was with Safe Place for Pets seeking her forever home, they contacted us!

Harlee adjusted quickly into her new home and routine. She is getting along great with her doggie brother and sister and though they are much bigger than she is, she stares them down until they relinquish their dog beds to her! She plays with them in the yard (until she gets scared then runs to the safety of the porch!) and loves the baby carrots they all receive as treats! Though shy at first, Harlee has bonded quickly to her new family and loves to follow mom around and will climb into her lap the second she sits down! She loves to play ‘musical bedrooms” at night and will start off in mom’s room, then move to sister’s bed, then to her aunt’s room so she’s close to the backyard by morning. She also loves to sit on her brother’s lap to observe the animations on the screen as he plays video games! Harlee doesn’t really enjoy being alone – or thinking she’s alone – as has been proven by her crying when mom “disappears” behind the shower curtain!

Many thanks to Joe and Lori for so kindly and generously fostering Harlee (along with Little Dude and Bandit!) and to Little Dude’s mom for ALL she’s done for him and for Harlee!! We also wish to thank High County Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) for the wellness exam and vaccinations! Thank you, too, to Shandra, the Girl Scouts, and National Honor Society students for the pink Snuggly blanket for all to enjoy.

Adoption Bio – 1/26/2016

My name is Heidi and I am a beautiful 8 years old, bright and very healthy girl. I did have most of my teeth removed, but do well without them. I can use a doggie door and I don’t have accidents inside. I am quite a bit overweight and would need to be on a diet. Maybe we could go on walks? Come visit me soon because as cute as I am, it won’t be long before I find my new forever home.

Adoption Date: 4/21/2016 

Intake Date: 1/26/2016 

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