Meet Hoodie:

Adoption Date: 1/3/2017

Intake Date: 3/11/2016

Adoption Announcement: 1/3/2017

A success story for Hoodie, one of our wonderful Safe Place cats!

Hoodie, our dapper black man-about-town, has become a country gentleman. Originally a stray, he was taken in by his late mom where he became a loving housecat by night, but still patrolled his neighborhood in downtown Colorado Springs by day. Now he is sharing a cozy home overlooking Pikes Peak from high above Woodland Park with his new mom and dad and feline sister. Arlene and Herb lost their cat Finster earlier this year and finally felt ready to find another companion for their young cat Wild Thing. As it turned out, Arlene is friends with one of our SP4P volunteers, who told her about Hoodie. When she came in to meet him, Hoodie graciously descended from his accustomed perch on the top of the cattery kennels to come down and socialize with Arlene. He was the perfect gentleman and Arlene decided then and there that he would fit into their family. She was however kind enough to give Herb the chance to nod his head. Of course, once Herb met Hoodie he was just as taken with him. Thus, the city cat has become a country cat and unlike the city mouse who fled from the country back to the city, Hoodie seems perfectly happy with the switch. And his new mom, dad, and sister are delighted as well! We at Safe Place wish them many years of happiness together.

Many thanks to Hoodie’s surrenderer, who paid his vet bills and to his new mom and dad for their adoption donation. And many thanks to Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) as well for ensuring Hoodie’s good health and his readiness for his new home. Thank you too to Shandra and our Safe Place volunteers for the Snuggly blanket for Hoodie to enjoy.

Adoption Bio: 3/11/2016

Hi there! My name is Hoodie. I am a handsome 5 year old Domestic Medium hair fellow with giant all seeing eyes. My fur coat is unusual; it’s white at the base but black at the tips, so if you ruffle it back it shimmers! Even though I am a bigger cat at 13 lbs, I am a big softie inside.

In my pre-Safe Place life, by day I was a man-about-town. I loved to be outside doing my own thing during the day, but when Mom called “Suppertime!” I would always come running and spend the evenings happily inside where I could be admired and petted. I loved to sprawl on the floor and just be close to my person, and at night I always slept with Mom.

Now that I’m at Safe Place, I enjoy laying in a window and being a people watcher. I also love sitting up high on a shelf and watching all the other cats hanging out down below. My sister, Mattie, has already been adopted, so I’m waiting for my turn while I hang out with all the other cats currently living at Safe Place’s cattery. I get along with everyone, so a home with other cats, or maybe dogs would be OK with me. I would love to find my new forever home, so make an appointment to meet me at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center.

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