Meet Ivan

Adoption Date: 6/28/2017

Intake Date: 6/15/2017

Adoption Announcement – 6/28/2017

Hi, it’s Ivan/Good Boy again. I just want to tell you that I found my forever home just a few days after coming to Safe Place. My new mom, Betty, had been looking for a friend for Makana, her black cat from Hawaii who lost her sister a while ago, and when the lady from SP4P told her about me, she immediately realized that I might well be just the Good Boy for her! She came to the SP4P cattery to meet me that very same day and of course she fell in love with me. Who wouldn’t? So the next day I came home to be with Betty, my other mom and dad Larrisa and Rob (they live with Betty), and Makana. For a while I stayed in the downstairs part of the house with Larrisa and Rob while Makana stayed upstairs with Betty, but lately I’ve been coming upstairs to explore while Makana supervises me from afar. She’s not overly certain about the idea of having a new cat in her house, but is beginning to realize that I am a true gentleman. I’m really careful to treat her with the utmost respect. She is the lady of the house after all,and if she tells me to keep my distance, that is exactly what I do! Betty told the Safe Place lady that she is really amazed to have a cat who actually does what he is told. One day I was at the door at the top of the stairs that lead into the upper part of the  house, and I really wanted to go up and explore some more. So I meowed and scratched the door a little bit, but Betty told me no and, like the Good Boy that I am, I stopped. She couldn’t believe it, but I was raised to mind my manners. Once Makana and I get to know each other better, Betty is going to take me to her vet and have me vaccinated against FIV (that’s like AIDS for cats) and Feline Leukemia. We cats can get those if we are bit or scratched by cats living outside who are infected. Once I am safe from that, I will be able to go outside during the day like Makana does and enjoy the wonderful porch and the beautiful big enclosed garden. It looks like an absolute paradise for cats!

I have to admit that I am especially fond of Rob. When I lived with my old dad it was just the two of us bachelors, so I’m kind of partial to men. So we two guys like to hang out together. I can’t believe how lucky I am. Losing my old dad was tough, especially since he was sick for a long time. But now I have a brand new home, two moms and a dad, and a feline sister to love and be loved by. What more could Ivan the Good Boy ask for?

Many thanks to Ivan’s surrenderer and his new family for their generous donations. And many thanks to Dr. Jones at Cook Veterinary Hospital (a Safe Place for Pets veterinary partner) for ensuring that Ivan was healthy and ready for his new home.

Adoption Bio – 6/15/2017

Hi there! My name is Ivan, but I am not Ivan the Terrible; I am Ivan the Good Boy! The person who owned me before my dad named me Ivan because I am a Russian Blue, but when my dad got me he named me Good Boy 2 (or Junior) because I looked so much like the Russian Blue that he had had and dearly loved before he met me. And I am a good boy! You’ll agree with me once I tell you a bit about myself. But first I’ll give you the boring stuff. I am a 7-8 year old Russian Blue, male/neutered with claws. When my dad had me I was an indoor-only cat, but back when I used to live in Pueblo with the lady who named me Ivan, I was an indoor/outdoor cat. I am healthy, current on my shots, and microchipped. Enough of that. I am a lover! My dad wondered before he met me if he could bear to have another Russian Blue after Good Boy 1, but as soon as he met me he knew that we had to be together. I am a friendly guy who would love to sit on your lap and be petted. My dad’s friend told the lady from Safe Place that when she would come to take care of him I would sit by the chair and just wait for her to sit down so that I could jump up on her lap and be petted. You might call me a jumping jack, because f she had to get up, I would wait and jump back up in her lap as soon as she sat down again. My beautiful blue-gray fur is so soft that no one can resist stroking me. I am also a big talker. I don’t just say meow like those other cats; I have lots of other words and will carry on long conversations with you. As you can see, I really am a good boy. I may be Russian, but I’m no Ivan the Terrible!

Won’t you please contact the nice volunteers at Safe Place for Pets to find out more about me and/or to visit me? I really miss my dad, and it’s been a confusing time for me since he died, but I really want someone to love and pet me again. You can see me on their website at info@safeplacepets.org or call them at 719-359-0201 to set up an appointment to come and meet me. You won’t be sorry!

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