Meet Kyro:

Do I look Egyptian to you? My mom and sister thought so when they adopted me all those years ago, so they named me Kyro. They actually named me after the city in Egypt, but my sister (Mom’s daughter), who was a teenager at the time, thought it would be fun to play with my name, so instead of spelling it Cairo, they named me Kyro. Personally, I think Kyro is more distinctive anyway.

As far as my particulars are concerned, I am an 8-year-old neutered black domestic shorthair male with claws. As you can see in my picture, I have striking green eyes.  What the picture has no way of showing you is how wonderfully soft and plush my fur is. I’m a beautiful guy if I don’t say so myself!

I came to Safe Place for Pets because Mom can’t take care of me any more and my sister’s husband and his family are horribly allergic to cats. Imagine that! Things have been strange lately; Mom has started wearing this funny tube in her nose that trails along behind her when she walks. I know that it has to be a real nuisance to her – it certainly is to me! As I said, things have been changing. I used to have a Siamese brother named Mokie and a black lab brother named Kona (after the coffee!), but they had to go away, so I am feeling really lonely and confused. I also had a special black kitty cat friend named Lana, but she got sick a lot and couldn’t stay with us. I’ve tried cuddling up next to Mom and even sleeping with her since Mokie and Kona left to make myself feel better, but that tube thing makes it hard on both of us. I really miss being with the other animals, and Mom and I both hope that when I find my new forever home it will be with someone who has animals – at least another cat! I’m really more of an animal cat than a person cat. I like people and like being petted, but I’m kind of independent. One really cute thing about me is that although I am not very big on toys, I have a fuzzy green blankie that I love to drag around between my legs. I guess it must look pretty funny, but hey! It’s mine. Mom says that she always used to know when I had it because I would make a really distinctive kind of meowing sound. It’s not my fault; I’d like to see you try to talk while carrying something in your mouth!

Mom loves me very much and is hoping that I can find a really special forever home where I can be happy and loved on my own terms. I’d like that too. Everything in my life is in a flux, and it would be so nice to find someplace where I could settle in again, hopefully with new friends. I’m still getting my feet underneath me here, but I’d love to have you come down and meet me. I’m at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center close to the Senior Center, and all you have to do to make an appointment to see me is call the Safe Place number at 719-359-0201 or email them at Please come see me. I really need a new home!

Age: 10
Sex: M
Size: Med
Declawed: N
Location: Welcome Center

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