Meet Lacey:

Adoption Date: 2/12/2016

Intake Date: 1/29/2016

Adoption Announcement: 2/12/2016

Lovely Lacey has been adopted!

Lacey, a 2 year old white DLH has found her new forever home. She came to us a short time ago, and move into a fostering situation with mom and son. She was not shy and made herself at home very quickly. She acclimated quickly to the family and their homelife, she was a perfect fit. Lacey loves attention, and they love giving it to her. She enjoys being petted and brushed. We were told she was not a lap cat. But she proved us wrong…she gets right up in a lap and is happy to be there. She told us that she wanted to stay with them forever. So we honored her wish, and mom said Yes! We wish Lacey a long and happy life with her new family.

Adoption Bio: 1/29/2016

Lacey is a 2 yr old white female DLH cat with green eyes. She is 9 1/2 pounds, not declawed, and not spayed (she will before any adoption occurs). She was named Lacey as she was a princess kitten, and the name sounded feminine and pretty. She is a healthy girl. Since a true princess will not step into a dirty litter box, so she took her business outside. She saw the dogs using the doggie door, and followed suite. She has lived with 5 other dogs, large and small. She seems to like the small ones best. She likes to lay on the back of the couch on a blanket, and survey the situation. She likes to sleep in bed with her human(s). She does like to be petted, but will also let you know when it’s time to stop. She is fine with small children, as long as they understand her signals of “stop”. She likes to play with socks and catnip toys. She does like attention, and will let you know it’s time to give her some.

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