Meet Lady:

Adoption Date: 7/15/2019

Intake Date: 6/10/2019

Adoption Announcement – 7/15/2019

Hi again – Lady here to share my happy adoption story!! I was the pup with “THE softest fur!!” and am one of the very fortunate ones who was a very “short timer” as a foster pet – only five days! My new mom saw the Facebook post about me and contacted Safe Place for Pets right through a Facebook comment!! She had decided she was going to adopt an older dog to “give a safe, comfortable, loving home“ to for the rest of its life – how INCREDIBLE is that?!?! She met me just a couple of days into my stay and though my foster family was GREAT, I quickly went to try out life with her. 😊

It was such a smooth transition and I just can’t say enough about my beautiful new home/yard, and my amazing family! I have a brother cat, Finn, and a sister cat, Rey (yep, named after Star Wars characters!!) and they are both great! They accepted me right away and I’ve included a sweet picture of us napping together on mom’s bed. 😊

My mom’s sister also has dogs and as you can see, we enjoy hanging out together on the sofa. We also enjoy walks in our lovely neighborhood, and the neighbor kids adore us! My mom said I really didn’t seem to know how to play or give kisses when I came, but now I do! It really is like I’ve lived here much longer than I have. Looks like this is just the beginning of my new life and I couldn’t be any more thrilled or grateful!!! I know that I will be safe and incredibly loved for the remainder of my days!!

Safe Place for Pets would like to thank our wonderful fosters, Dick and Jean, for opening their home to this darling girl!! THANK YOU also to Dr. Crane and @Apex College of Veterinary Technology (a Safe Place for Pets partner) for the dental procedure to ensure Lady is as healthy as possible for her new mom!!

Adoption Bio – 6/10/2019

Hi, I’m “Lady,” which fits me very well because I’m so very sweet and lady-like (mostly, anyway!)! I am a 13 year old Beagle/Dachshund mix. I’m even cuter in person than my pictures, and I’ve been told that my face is very “puppy like” and I seem younger than my age. I also hear that I have the absolute softest fur – like a “bunny”!

I just arrived at Safe Place for Pets because my dad had to go into hospice. After being with him my whole life, the change has been hard, but the people caring for me are incredibly sweet and I know I will find a wonderful, loving, forever family and home very soon! I am housebroken, and am very good with dogs, cats, and kids. I am small though at about 20 lbs so I need to ensure that kids will not step on or hurt me. I would love someone home much of the time, and someone to walk me short distances as I’m great on a leash. Since my legs are so short, I can go upstairs well, but going down is difficult so if you have a lot of stairs, I’d need someone to carry me down. I’m mostly quiet, but can be very vocal when I want something – I don’t bark much, just make “grumbling” noises, and I will whine and howl occasionally. I have a little “spunk” to me and will sit up and beg for a treat! Overall, I’m just a fantastic little dog — very relaxed and easy going, and super sweet toward everyone. If you’d like to learn more about me or meet me, please call Safe Place for Pets at (719) 359-0201 or e-mail I can’t wait to meet you!!

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