Meet Leo:

Adoption Date: 6/25/2019

Intake Date: 5/28/2019

Adoption Announcement – 6/25/2019

Hi, it’s Leo, and I’m just stopping by to tell you about my new fur-ever family! I guess the first and most important thing to say is that they love me and I love them! 😻

It’s kind of funny how things worked out. My prior mom was elderly, so I was accustomed to a very quiet home. In my new family, I have a mom, three human siblings (two boys and a girl,) and a canine brother named Zeus! And it’s great! I don’t mind the noise or my sister and brothers picking me up and wanting to play with me. Zeus and I kind of give each other space, which works out fine. Mom says that I’m really tolerant. But of course at only two years old, I really am still a kitten, so it’s probably no surprise that I really enjoy playing and the fun going on around me. I was in kitty cat heaven the other night when the Safe Place volunteer came by to finalize my adoption. She brought my cat tree, my old litter box, and a bunch of my old toys, including three laser lights! I was going cross-eyed trying to follow all three of them at one time!

So as you can see, I am a happy, happy boy. I want to thank my prior mom’s daughter for making sure that I was completely healthy before coming to Safe Place for Pets, and the folks from Safe Place send along a very heartfelt thank you for her incredibly generous donation. And now I think I’ll say goodbye and go back to having fun with my new family!

Adoption Bio – 5/28/2019

Hello there, my name is Leo, and if you’ll take one look at me you’ll know the reason why. With my orange color, I’m obviously named after Leo the Lion. I’m no lion though, but a quiet, if playful, fellow. I don’t roar at all. Even when the Safe Place for Pets volunteers put me in the car and took me to the vet, then brought me here to the Welcome Center, I didn’t make a peep.

Before I go on, I guess I ought to tell you the boring details. I’m a two-year-old male neutered orange domestic shorthair with claws. I’ve always been an indoor cat, and that’s just fine with me. I can sit on my cat tree and watch the birds out the window without having to get my paws wet 😹 . As I said, I’m only two years old, so there’s a lot of kitten in me. I love playing with my toys: balls, yarn, stuffed mice, and so forth. I really like that funny red dot that moves all over the place, butI still haven’t managed to catch the darned thing 😼.

As far as my personality is concerned, I’m a tiny bit shy at first, but settle down quickly and then am quite friendly. Like most cats, I like to be scratched around my ears, but I also like being scratched at the base of my spine. Unlike a lot of cats though, I really enjoy having my belly rubbed. I’ve never lived with other cats or dogs, so I don’t know how I’d do with them. I did meet a couple of dogs once though, and we just kind of left each other alone. It was no big deal. So I might be fine with a dog as long as it didn’t chase me or bark at me. I do like children. After all, there’s always the chance that they’ll play with me!

One really unique thing about me that I just have to tell you before I go is that I have a curly tail! I don’t mean that my fur is curly like a Cornish Rex. My fur is normal, but when I’m relaxed and walking around, my tail just naturally takes the shape of a corkscrew. It’s not stuck that way because I can straighten it, but for the most part that’s just how it is. The Safe Place volunteer said she’d never seen anything like it. So it’s my trademark 😸.

I loved my mom a lot even though I was only with her for about eleven months. I made her happy, and I couldn’t wish for more. But again, I’m really not much more than a kitten, so I have a lifetime ahead of me to play, love, and be loved. If you think we might make a good match you can come down to the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center at 1520 N. Hancock and meet me! The best thing to do is call the Safe Place phone line at (719) 359-0201 or email them at info@safeplacepets.org. Someone will get back with you soon to set up an appointment. I’d really enjoy that 😻.

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