Meet Leo

Adoption Date: 1/3/2017

Intake Date: 11/10/2016

Adoption Announcement – 1/3/2017

Leo the Lion has found his furrever home!

Leo may not look like a lion, but he has all the self-confidence of a true “King of the Jungle.” And it is serving him well as he settles into his new home with his mom, dad, sister, three brothers, and his canine brother Rosco. Many cats would be intimidated by this, but not Leo. He seems to take everything in stride and he and Rosco are already thinking about playing together. And being a people lover, Leo is quite happy to be in the midst of a large family. He has even managed to win over his new dad, whose only other experience with cats was an unhappy one, by stretching out next to him on the couch. Judging from the pictures taken by his sister Kyra, Leo is one contented cat. And a lucky one at that!

Safe Place for Pets would like to thank Leo’s surrenderer, a hospice nurse who generously took on the task of finding homes for her patient’s pets when he passed, and his adopters for their donation. We would also like to thank Dublin Animal Hospital and Buxton Veterinary Hospital (both Safe Place Veterinary partners) ensuring Leo’s good health and readiness for his new home. Thank you too to Shandra and our Safe Place volunteers for the Snuggly blanket for Leo to enjoy.

Adoption Bio – 11/10/2016

Hi, my name is Leo, and I am a 2-year-old DSH tabby with claws. Although my name makes you think of a lion, I am actually a gray tabby. But if you come see me, you will understand why I am called that. I am a regal looking fellow, especially when you see me in my lounging mode, and I strut around like I am king of the jungle. I’ve been an indoor/outdoor cat all my life, so I’ve had plenty of room to wander. I’m a real lover though. I like to cuddle and lie in your lap, and I love to sleep with my person. I am also curious and playful. I would like to play with a fishing pole lure, and I think it’s fun to chase fingers and hands underneath a blanket before going to sleep. And I am a chatterbox! I will talk to you, and I love it when you talk to me. I’ll talk right back! I’ll also greet you at the door, and when you say hello to me I’ll hold a paw up to say hi! Won’t you come by the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center at 1141 Manitou Avenue and meet me? The nice folks here would be happy to make an appointment to introduce us!

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