Meet Lexi:

Adoption Date: 12/5/2018

Intake Date: 9/9/2018

Adoption Announcement – 12/5/2018

Hi, it’s Lexi, and I have wonderful news! I got the best Christmas present ever: A ‘furever’ home with two wonderful parents who love me dearly and a feline brother named Buki to boss around! I think I’m in paradise. 😊

The story of how Mom and Dad found me is a fun one. Dad was here in Colorado Springs while Mom was in Massachusetts helping Mom take care of Grandpa, who was having some sort of medical procedure. They had lost Buki’s previous sister a while ago and were finally ready to bring a new cat into their home. Well. Mom and Dad used to walk past the old Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center, so they already knew about us. When Dad saw me on Petfinder, he immediately called Safe Place for Pets to arrange to come and see me the very next day. You see, he was about to fly to Massachusetts to be with Mom. As it turned out, Mom had seen me as well and was thinking that I looked like the perfect cat (which of course I am!) and when Dad FaceTimed her from the Welcome Center, she exclaimed that I was the very one that she wanted! They had to wait until they got back home to start the pre-adoption process, but I was worth the wait.

One of our Safe Place for Pets volunteers said that I landed in the lap of luxury, and I can’t argue with that. We have a wonderful home with windows and our very own cat room with three different cat condos! We also have a whole chest full of cat toys down in the living room. My favorite one right now is a candy-cane-colored worm that I love toss up in the air and pounce on and to carry all around the house. One of my favorite tricks is to leave it near Mom and Dad’s bed so that if they get up at night they step on it and jump in surprise. I’m an imp. 😊 But the neatest thing in the world is the big TV screen with a U-Tube video of birds and squirrels and so forth. I can sit there forever, mesmerized by it. I love it!

One of the great things about our family is that Mom works from home, which means that Buki and I almost always have company. A lot of people think that cats don’t care if their people are around or not, but that is just not true. After all, not only do we love them, but they are our slaves! I love to be petted and have my tummy rubbed, and Mom and Dad know just how to do that. What’s not to love? I also have fun bossing Buki around. It took us a while to get to know each other, but now that he has realized that even though he outweighs me almost two to one, I am the top cat, we get along fine. Sometimes I have to remind him, but I am more than up to that. 😉

You can tell from my pictures just how happy – and smug – I am in my new home. Although Mom likes to buy us all kinds of luxurious cat beds, you can see where my favorite bed is at the moment. Give a cat a cardboard box and… I do have some thank-you’s to pass on. I really appreciate my prior mom’s ex brother in law for taking me, my housemate Cali (who is still looking for a home!), and my other housemate Aspen in and taking care of us. Aspen may be coming to join Cali at the Welcome Center sometime soon, but nothing is set in stone. Anyway, it was wonderful of him and his family to do that for us. I’d also like to thank Cook Veterinary Hospital for making sure that I was as healthy as I could be before coming to my new family. Finally, I’d like to thank the Safe Place for Pets volunteers, especially the two ladies who made the cozy snugglies for Buki and me. Thank you so much, and I hope that everyone has as Merry a Christmas as I am having!

Adoption Bio – 9/9/2018

Well hello there! I’m very happy to meet you! My name is Cali, and I’m a new arrival at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center. I came here with my sister Lexi, but she can introduce herself later. Right now it’s my turn. As I said, my name is Cali, and from that you might assume that I’m a calico. You’d be wrong though. I’m actually a tortoiseshell, which is the color you might get if you took the white out of a calico, put the other two colors in a blender and turned it on high. If you take a look at my picture, you’ll see what I mean. Isn’t the gold stripe down my black face beautiful?! I’m told that some people call us black calicos. I really don’t care what you call me; I’m me and that’s that.

As to what else I am, I’m a female spayed domestic shorthair with claws. I’m somewhere between two and three years old; I can’t remember my birthday. I suppose you could call me a teenage cat, because I still have plenty of spunk in me! I’m more than willing to play with you. 😊 Speaking of spunk, although I didn’t grow up with dogs, I don’t let them intimidate me either. The nice folks who took us in after Mom died have two big dogs and one small one. If I’m sitting someplace and one of them walks up to me, I just hiss at them and stay exactly where I am. I don’t let them boss me around. I was also fascinated by the family’s many pet birds, but that didn’t go over as well. 😉

One thing I do really enjoy about the family that took us in is the children. You wouldn’t think that a cat who grew up with just an elderly mom and two other cats (yes, we have another sister) would like kids, but I really enjoy them. As a matter of fact, I decided that it would be nice to sleep with one of the girls at night. So I think that I would do really well in a lively household. Another thing about me is that I dearly love being petted. I’m not at all shy about it either. I will come right up to you and butt up against your leg or hand to get you to pet me. And I love having my head scratched. I guess I’ve talked enough about myself for now, so I’ll pass the microphone over to my sister. Lexi?

I’m right here Cali. I was beginning to think you were going to talk forever! But now it’s my turn to introduce myself. As Cali said, my name is Lexi. I’m about the same age as Cali, and also a spayed female with claws. I’m a domestic longhair tabby though, not an exotic tortoiseshell. But don’t think that tabby means boring. Just look at me! One of the nice volunteers at Safe Place for Pets said that with my delicate looks and quiet nature, I look like a fairy princess. Apt, wouldn’t you say? I’m not as outgoing as Cali is either. I like to take my time before I come out to be social. But that isn’t to say that I am not a lover as well! I adore being petted, brushed, and having my tummy rubbed. And unlike Cali, I don’t limit myself to one person; I love to sleep with everyone in the family! I’m not quite as sure of myself with the dogs though. I don’t run away from them, but after I hiss I go find somewhere else to be. But I’m not stupid. I know perfectly well that when they are in their crates I’m perfectly safe. When that happens, I will sashay right up and lie down next to the crates. I would definitely enjoy being in a family with kids. I could probably learn to deal with dogs too as long as they don’t want to chase me.

Cali here again. As you can see, we are two very different cats. But we are exactly the same in that we would really love to find new furrever homes. We have so much love to give, and although everyone here at the Safe Place for Pets Welcome Center is wonderful, it’s just not the same as having our own families to cuddle with. We’d be thrilled to have you come down and fall in love with one or both of us. It’s easy; all you have to do is call 719-359-0201 or send an email to or fill out the form below to make an appointment to come see us. You won’t be sorry!

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