Li’l One

Meet Li’l One

Adoption Announcement – 12/9/2015

Blackie and Li’l One have found their new forever home!

Blackie and Lil’ One have a new forever home! These bonded-pair, petite 13-year-old girl cats, who definitely do not “act their age,” have been adopted and are now living the good life with their new dad, a very nice gentleman widower, who is truly enjoying their company and youthful behavior and is also indulging almost all of their demands (except large servings of canned cat food)! They are not at all bashful about letting Dad know what they want and when they want it, especially when it comes to their daily small portions of canned cat food. It did not take long for their dad to figure out that Blackie likes to inhale her serving and then steal Lil’ One’s portion, so now he supervises while they eat. Lil’ One has decided that she really likes his wife’s stuffed animal collection and enjoys taking the stuffed animals to other parts of the house. Both girls approve of Dad’s nice warm bed, with the electric blanket turned on for their side, but sometimes they prefer to press up against him for the night.

Adoption Bio – 5/27/2015

I am a 13 year old female tortie, and I am indeed little. I have white tips on my back toes, and a white tip on my tail. I am a very friendly gal. I am quite social and enjoy the get togethers with the other cats at the SP4P facility. My sister, Blackie, and I are very close and need to be adopted together.

Adoption Date: 12/9/2015 

Intake Date: 5/27/2015 

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