Mama Kitty

Meet Mama Kitty

Update Announcement – 6/8/2016

My husband and I don’t know how we lived our lives without them!

From Winnie (originally called Mama Kitty) and Salem’s (originally named Ashley) mom: “Winnie and Salem are the perfect fit for our family and they never fail to make us smile! My husband and I don’t know how we lived our lives without them! Winnie loves to cuddle and Salem likes to open doors and play with their toys.”

We at Safe Place are thrilled to hear how well these 2 have settled in together and with their new parents. Winnie was a lovely gal who was more likely to hide than to cuddle. Salem was an indoor/outdoor guy who has settled into his new life, with his customary antics. We are so pleased to hear (and see) just how well these 2 are doing.

Adoption Announcement – 10/1/2015

Mama Kitty has found her forever home!

Mama Kitty is a happy, happy girl! This 2-year-old black and white cutie has been adopted by the best parents ever, Marielle and Tyler! They have grown up with family pets but have not had a pet of their own until now, and now this young family is totally enchanted with their new addition! Mama Kitty is loving being able to roam throughout her new home and explore to her heart’s content. She enjoys sitting in the windows and watching the activity of the neighborhood, playing with her assortment of toys, and waking up her mom and dad in the morning to demand her small bite of canned cat food for breakfast. When the sun goes down, Mama Kitty becomes turbo-cat, racing around and providing entertainment with her silliness. When she is ready to settle down, she curls up on the bed to sleep with her mom and dad. Wishing everyone many years of big smiles!

Adoption Bio – 4/24/2015

Hi! My name is Mama Kitty. I am a small, 2 year old, white and black DSH, who is not declawed. I am shy at first, but after I get to know you, I want to be friends and be your shadow around the house. Before I was rescued by my loving owner, I was abused/neglected by a man and can be a little extra shy around men, however for a while I got to live with a foster and I loved the man of the house! I just need that right guy to love! They say the black spots down my back kind of look like cow spots, but trust me, I am ALL cat. I will tell you when I am hungry and when I am feeling playful – I particularly like to play with string. I am fine with kids, most cats, and dogs – I even got to be around a parrot and did just fine. I love being petted and will purr nonstop for you. I enjoy lounging on the windowsill and running around the house as fast as I can. I am eagerly awaiting my new forever home, so I can curl up in bed next to your legs forever and ever! Will you be the one?

Adoption Date: 10/1/2015 

Intake Date: 4/24/2015 

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